17. Misrepresentation

Policy Rationale

Authenticity is the cornerstone of our community. We believe that people are more accountable for their statements and actions when they use their authentic identities. That’s why we require people to connect on 0censor using the name they go by in everyday life. Our authenticity policies are intended to create a safe environment where people can trust and hold one another accountable.

Do not:

  • Using a name that does not abide by our name policies
  • Providing a false date of birth

Misuse our products by

  • Creating a profile for someone under thirteen years old
  • Maintaining multiple accounts
  • Creating inauthentic profiles
  • Sharing an account with any other person
  • Creating another 0censor account after being banned from the site
  • Creating or Managing a Page, Group, Event because the previous Page, Group, or Event was removed from the site
  • Evading the registration requirements outlined in our Terms of Service

Impersonate others by

  • Using their images with the explicit aim to deceive people
  • Creating a profile assuming the persona of or speaking for another person or entity
  • Creating a Page assuming to be or speak for another person or entity for whom the user is not authorized to do so.
  • Posting imagery that is likely to deceive the public as to the content’s origin, if:
    • The entity or an authorized representative objects to the content, and
    • Can establish a risk of harm to members of the public.