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2018 Under Trump, Success Or Failure?

2018 Under Trump, Success Or Failure?

Most times while we are in the midst of a year, we have the media slanting all that is presented to us, we are in the middle of the events, so judging is always much more difficult in the now, rather than looking back through history. So the question has to be asked, “2018 under Trump, was it a success of a failure?”

We started 2018 with the press yelling that we were going to be in a nuclear war, Trump was trying to push the US and North Korea with his rhetoric to nuclear brinkmanship, and maybe he was, but looking back now it was the right move. By showing North Korea’s dictator that he would not back down, would escalate to whatever point he wished to bring us to, we saw the pin pop the balloon of rhetoric coming from South Korea, no longer were we going to cave into threats.

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We also lived through in 2018 the Kavanaugh hearings, the lies that came out, the outrage manufactured by the left, where accusations with zero credibility were seen as good enough to convict, no one questioned the fact that the accuser was unable to remember the day, place, even the year. The fact that this would not even be able to approach the door of a courtroom was of little importance; they were willing to go to any length to prevent what they saw as a restructuring of the court. In the end, Trump did succeed in getting his man into the vacant seat.

We got to see in 2018 Trump do what Clinton, Bush, Obama all promised, but never held to their word, move our embassy to Jerusalem, a move that was made necessary by law, but was held off to appease the Arabs until Trump came to office.

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The Arabs in Gaza and Ramallah went crazy over this, rioted and threatened, after being told by Trump that if they continued to use American Aid to pay their “Martyrs fund,” basically blood money to terrorist or their families for killing Jews, Trump would cut off funding. We also saw Kerry, even though he has no place speaking for the government go to Ramallah and tell them to hold on, Trump would be gone, they did, Trump cut off all aid.

The one great thing we have seen in 2018, Trump’s administration willing to relook at aid given, if nations are going to work against our interests, then maybe we need to revisit our aid packages given to them. I discussed earlier the cut off of aid to the Palestinian Authority, but Trump also did the same with the UN, pulling us out of sub-organizations within the structure that was biased against either our interests or against our allies.

Further, he let the nations know that were getting aid from the US, namely Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, if they weren’t going to control their borders, allow their people to come in caravans and try to get into the US illegally, then the US was going to cut off aid to them, Trump did exactly that.

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Sadly in 2018 we saw what today is becoming more and more commonplace, mass shootings, following these were the usual calls from the left to strip guns from legal citizens, all while ignoring the fact that no gun has ever shot anyone, any more then a hammer has ever pounded in a nail, they are tools, they only do this while being in the hands of another.

We also got to see the left’s hypocrisy, the silence from them over rants from the likes of Farrakhan, Sarsour and others against Jews, Whites, and anyone that was not liberal, such racist and hateful comments were fine by them, their anger, as usual, was manufactured by whatever the situation needed.

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There was a rise of radical leftist in 2018, members like Cortez that were clueless about world events, but well versed in socialist ideology. There were also radical Islamic supporters voted into office, like
Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s nominee, they spoke glowingly of their support for Jews, once they got elected their rhetoric changed in a hurry.

We are ending 2018 much the way we started it, with a shutdown going on due to the GOP members that are now leaving, refusing to act in the way the voters want, Democrats are refusing to budge on funding for the wall. Trump promised with the last spending bill he signed; he would never sign another without funding for the wall, for some odd reason neither the liberals or conservatives took him seriously, now we have a partial shutdown.

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Was 2018 a success for Trump? I think history will have to look at this when the raw emotions that we now see swirling around all things Trump fade away, we will then be able to look back more objectively, but I love the job he has done, this is why I voted for him.

To all of you, on the last day of 2018, we at 0censor say, “Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, may you be blessed in 2019, and may you all have a safe and happy New Years.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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