22. Memorialization

Policy Rationale

When someone passes away, friends and family can request that we memorialize the account by adding “Remembering” above the name on the person’s profile. This makes it clear that the account is now a memorial site and protects against attempted logins and fraudulent activity. We do not remove, update, or change anything about the profile or the account because we want to respect the choices someone made while alive. We have also made it possible for people to identify a legacy contact to look after their accounts after they pass away. People can let us know in advance if they want their account permanently deleted when they die. We may delete profiles when the next of kin tells us that the person who passed would have preferred that we delete the account rather than memorialize it.

Once we become aware that a person has passed away:

  • Their account is secured and memorialized by adding “Remembering” above the name on the person’s profile. The profile or account is not updated or otherwise changed in any way
  • Immediate family members can also request that we remove a loved one’s profile

For victims of murder and suicide we will remove the following content if it appears on the deceased’s profile photo, cover photo, or among recent timeline posts when requested by a legacy contact or family member of the deceased:

  • Visual depiction of the object used in the deceased’s death
  • Imagery of the convicted or alleged murderer of the deceased
  • Content related to the deceased’s death

For victims of murder, we will also remove the convicted or alleged murderer from the deceased’s profile if referenced in relationship status or among friends.