A Mask Nazi Couple Threw Coffee at a Maskless Man Eating a Burrito. Then Punches Were Thrown…

There’s a popular acronym that is used frequently on social media: AITA. It stands for “Am I The @$hole?” Some of these mask nazis need to start asking themselves that (see Lunatic Opens Fire on a Mother and Son Because They Weren’t Socially Distancing and Crazy Mask Nazi Is Caught on Video Pepper-Spraying a Couple for Not Wearing Masks … While Eating). For example, if you see a man not wearing a mask while he is sitting outside eating a burrito and you throw your coffee on him because of it, you are in fact the @$hhole here. Also, don’t be surprised when he beats the crap out of your boyfriend.

[embedded content]

“You can’t just punch people in the face?”

“You can when they throw coffee at you.”

It’s always the woman starting the fight, leaving her boyfriend to have to deal with the consequences. Fellas, amirite? Though considering the boyfriend called the cops after he got his ass beat makes me question who is who in the relationship. Hey, to each their own.

Maybe I live in a weird part of the country, but over the weekend I was walking with a lady friend down a main street not unlike this one. Some of us were wearing a mask. Some of us were not wearing a mask. Out of the maskless people, some were eating at the time and some were just simply not wearing a mask. You know what happened? Absolutely nothing. Everyone just minded their own business. Because none of us are @$holes.

Maybe next time when this crazy lady sees a man eating a burrito in peace, she’ll leave him alone and won’t cause her boyfriend to get smacked around. Though probably not.

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