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Anderson Cooper And The Press Don’t Realize, They Are Working For a Corpse

Anderson Cooper And The Press Don’t Realize, They Are Working For a Corpse

Seems to save your drama for your mamma is a phrase one should tell Anderson Cooper, he must have never received this message. Anderson Cooper went on CNN last night, started to rage over the White House not having a press briefing in days, then complained over everything in the White House. CNN has so lost credibility, they have to try something, anything to make their ratings go up after they have crashed in such a mighty way.

He was horrified, stop the clocks, that Sarah Sanders called the reporters out over Woodworth’s propaganda disguised as a book, the fact that many of the sources he gave came out and said they had never spoken with him, sure never said what he was claiming, of course, facts don’t matter to CNN, they are more interested in dirt, don’t care if they have to get dirty trying to dig it out.

Cooper then took offense that Sanders said the op-ed was full of lies, if you watch Woodworth on CNN and other sites, you see such a partisan hack it is not funny, then add to this that he has openly stated he has NEVER interviewed anyone without recording the conversation, but for some reason the interviews of each and every Trump administration were not recorded, brings all his claims to rest, he is just another hack who used to be something, now is just another idiot with Trump Derangement syndrome.

As for Cooper, seems he has lost it as well, complaining over lack of White House Press briefings, then takes a total bias poll from CNN and claims Trump is not trusted and proceeds to attack the op-ed from the anonymous source, one that I am beginning to wonder even exists. In typical leftist idiocy, he proceeds to say that the opinion of this one person speaks for all, then makes claims that the 25th Amendment needs to be looked into.

CNN is morally bankrupt, their credibility is none existent, like a fresh corps they are kicking, but there is no life, just doesn’t realize it’s dead already. Sadly much of the press is this way, the news is no longer their focus, they attack Trump nonstop with a smattering of news, they have completely lost sight of what they were there for.

We are putting togather an action group, called “Silent No More” where we are fighting to get the word out there to encourage people to vote, fight the lies from the left, and make sure the Trump supporters are fired up this election. We are putting togather fundraising platform to raise the funds to do this.

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