AOC rants on Twitter, Owning Property is Evil, Tells Followers To Boycott Paying Rent

AOC, being the great socialist she is, came out on twitter and showed how ownership of property triggered her. In her addled socialist mind, owning your own home or property, that is evil, getting over $170,000 a year while telling us what not to do, that is not.

In her latest rant, she went off on private property ownership, demanded that all Americans refuse to pay their rent to teach these greedy capitalists a lesson.

I must say, ever notice that someone that does not own property is so quick to condemn? Well, that is unless you are a socialist named Bernie, then you can own a couple of them.

Here she is encouraging an organization strike not to pay one’s rent, but I must ask if people don’t do this, how will mortgages be met, and if the people do this, will she pay for people to move when they are evicted?

In what is a typical move from the far left, they are trying to do the same thing they did during the end of Clinton’s term when the Frank Todd bill came out, would put the whole housing industry in a crash.

Boycotting paying rent would ensure that owners would not be able to pay their mortgages, Banks would start facing massive losses as they would have to ensure that damages were covered, this, in turn, would bring about an enormous caseload of foreclosures would jam the courts.

None of this matters to people like AOC, she wants to see capitalism die, to force the Federal and State governments to pick up the mortgages, thus running the individual out of business.

This is not looking out for us, this is an attempted coup against our way of life, this is nothing more than advocating chaos, something that would put this nation in a collapse that would be far more severe than the great crash of the 20s.

This is the goal of the left, anyone that has read Alinsky knows this is the goal, to drag this nation down to the depths of despair, then give the masses a savior, a way out of this, that would be socialism.

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