AOC, Stop Playing the Victim

According to the story that AOC is spreading, Rep. Ted Yoho went up to her and on the capital steps called her a “Fu@#ing Bi#ch.”

She claims that reporters heard this, but Rep. Ted Yoho says he never said anything of the sort to her.

He did come out later and say he never called her such a thing but apologized for calling her out.

We have a hostile press interested in painting AOC as a victim, something she is just way too happy to suck up to and play like she is. Remember, this is the same press that had claimed they heard racist remarks, later found to be a lie when the video was released, but none of that mattered, the damage was done.

AOC now is standing up in Congress, saying she will not accept an apology.


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Here is the problem, she thought that someone telling her that she was crazy and a danger was rude, I hate to break it to Mrs. AOC, over 100 million Americans feel the same thing.

Because you are a woman, this does not give you a pass from criticism; we saw enough of this nonsense with Obama, you are merely trying to take a chapter from his book. Both you and Obama created situations that affected not just America but also the world. We have the right to criticize you, but we also must do so.

Both you and Obama created situations that effected not just all Americans but the world as well, we not only have the right to criticize you, we have the obligation to do so.

What we are seeing is the cowards way out, AOC will not debate people, she hides behind her handlers, then comes out long enough to play the victim, where she controls the conversation, this should and will be called what it is, the act of a coward.

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I can say one thing, I have no problem with Rep Ted Yoho calling her “disgusting,” “crazy,” and “dangerous,” if he did use the other rather colorful language, I don’t support this, but it is what it is. To act like you are suddenly immune from this sort of thing because you are in Congress means nothing. You don’t earn respect by the office you hold, any more then Maxine Waters deserves it, both of you are nothing but corrupt hacks, you have done nothing to gain the respect, I have seen nothing that warrants giving this to either of you.

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