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As GOP Leadership Wavers, Trump’s Threat Forcing Mexico To Act

As GOP Leadership Wavers, Trump’s Threat Forcing Mexico To Act

Since Trump has threatened tariffs against Mexico we have heard the GOP leadership saying they could not support Trump in this move, have worked to try to stop him, but n

Senate Republicans pushed back on President Donald Trump — including the threat of a veto override after he scoffed at the possibility that members of his own party would try to block his plan to impose a tariff on Mexico over concerns about the potential economic fallout.

As stated in Bloomber:

Senator Kevin Cramer, a North Dakota Republican, predicted that the Senate would have enough votes to override a presidential veto of any measure that would keep Trump’s tariffs on Mexico from going into effect June 10.

“You’ve heard of people who are war weary,” Cramer said. “Senate Republicans are tariff weary.”

Now we are seeing that Mexico, not our leaders, are the ones wavering on this. As reported on FOX, Mexico is now taking steps, such as sending 6,000 of their military to the Guatemala border.

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Under international law, asylum applicants must seek asylum in the first country they come to, but Mexico has refused to honor this, has instead forced the people to travel through their nation to seek asylum in the US.

For virtually all Central American migrants, that country would not be the United States. The Trump administration has already begun requiring asylum applicants to wait in Mexico while their claims are processed, saying too many applicants were using the system fraudulently to escape into the country. Last month, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request to stop that practice temporarily.

This is why Trump was threatening tariffs but looks like now they could possibly not go into effect. But before we start to cheer the negotiations are not yet done, there is still much for the two sides to do.

We need to realize that this needs to be done in a way that can save face for the Mexican leadership, to allow them to take credit for moves done, this is the only way this will be done and enable them a chance to stay in power.

At this point, hopefully, we will see more moves as this crises at our southern border threatens to grow beyond what our border forces can handle.

When this is done, come next election, we need to hold our leadership in both the House and the Senate responsible, if they can’t handle the heat, I would think then it is time to replace them with someone that can.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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