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Bergdahl Walks….Justice Weeps

Bergdahl Walks….Justice Weeps

Today in an act that can only be described as a slap in the face of the families that lost loved ones, Bergdahl, who was up on charges for desertion, aiding the enemy was given a sentence that was a mockery of all the men that lost their lives because of him.

We have all heard the saying  “Justice is blind”, and it’s supposed to be, but it is not without feelings, it saw the travesty done in its name and hung its head to weep. What a sad day for the military, for veteran’s, for the right of justice to be dealt out, and for the lives of great men who lost their lives looking for a deserter, and shame the very uniform he now wears.

As a Vet, I know the importance of never leaving a man behind, but the fact is this man, Bowe Bergdahl, walked away from his post, left his weapon and all else behind,  went to the Taliban and turned himself over to them. In the process he violated a trust of his brother’s in arms, one that is of utmost importance while in the field, that you will cover your squad-mates six, he basically walked out and stabbed them all in the back. What is worse, we had six of our warriors lose their lives searching for this deserter, the fact that he was treated badly should have ZERO bearing on the sentence, he brought that on by his desertion, and it was after the fact, he went to them willingly, what they did after that should be immaterial towards what he did.

What was the reason given for his lack of sentence? No one knows, the officer presiding refused to say anything, instead he took the loss of lives and made them seem as if unimportant, the shame is unbelievable, and as a ex soldier I am perplexed and even angry how anyone could have done such a thing.

We are told he suffered at the hand of his captors, his attorney. Eugene Fidell said, “As everyone knows, he was a captive of the Taliban for nearly five years, and three more years have elapsed while the legal process unfolded. He has lost nearly a decade of his life.” To be frank, I could care less, what happened after he walked away, that is on him, it is not like he was snatched up and kidnapped, he went willingly to the enemy, in the process sold out every man that was fighting with him.

The only hope we have at this point is that Gen. Robert Abrams, a soldier that has spent his time fighting with his men, who as a ranger knows the violation that occurred, will not allow such a travesty in justice to go without being challenged. That this man served time in captivity is immaterial, it was brought on by his desertion, his parents should not have been honored like we saw Obama do in the rose garden, they should have hung their heads in shame for having such a coward as a child. Obama disgraced the uniform and the men that served under him by trying to make a hero out of this man, and Trump was right in his calls for Justice, too bad the Judge Advocate seemed not to know this, instead he slapped him on the wrist and walked away.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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