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Bill de Blasio Gets Called Out for Being a Failure in Handling Coronavirus [VIDEO]

Bill de Blasio Gets Called Out for Being a Failure in Handling Coronavirus [VIDEO]

Democrats have made it clear their plan for attacking Donald Trump this week is that he didn’t take the Wuhan (got you all in check) virus seriously enough at first cough. The polls aren’t working in their favor (see New Poll Says Americans Trust Trump More Than the Media on Coronavirus and Washington Post Trails Trump by 16 Percent in Public Approval of Coronavirus Response), so they need to think of something, especially something that hides their own failures. Like when it comes to Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio is mayor of New York City, a position that is widely considered to be the second-most important job in America BEHIND being the president. The same New York City that for the second time in our lifetimes finds itself at ground zero for a national crisis. Jake Tapper took this insufferable douche on a brief tour through his “leadership” early on.

In de Blasio’s defense, he wasn’t the only New York City official who dropped the ball, as this thread illustrates. The mayor claims that now isn’t the time to place blame. Which, a) I’ll remember that the next time he attacks the president, and b) not even the mainstream media is buying as an excuse coming out of his commie mouth.

We have two options. Option one is to NOT attack people and instead deal with the crisis at hand. Option two is to just throw blame around. Obviously, we’re going with option two, which, while not the most helpful response, is what it is. We like to throw shit at each other. But if Democrats are going to attack the president — the same Democrats who attacked him months ago when he DID act by banning travel from China — I’ve got a pile of poop and list of people and organizations to throw it at as well. Standing in the front of the line is Bill de Blasio.


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