Black Lives Matter Leader Demands All ‘White People’s’ Churches be Torn Down

Today the Marxist Black Lives Matter leaders are not only trying to replace our Republic with socialism. They are now demanding that punishment for whites be extended even to their places of worship.

Their leaders have said that if we own homes, hand it to them or lose them when they take power; others are saying that due to genetics Whites are inferior, we should be wiped out, now we are told even our places of worship should not be able to stand.

A well-known agitator and Black Lives Matter spokesman Shaun King claims that the next step in so-called “social justice” is to tear down all white people’s churches.

A well-known agitator and Black Lives Matter spokesman Shaun King claims that the next step in so-called “social justice” is to tear down all white people’s churches.

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In a pair of tweets posted on Monday, King explained that white churches are little else but “white supremacy” writ large.

“Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,” the hate speech advocate belched.

“They are a form of white supremacy,” King added. “Always have been. “

Here is the first problem, Jesus was Semitic, he was not white, nor was he black, he was Semitic or brown-skinned. Yet, the members of groups like Black Lives Matter are demanding we change Jesus to a black Jesus, which he never was, furthermore, people that follow Christianity have made the portrait of Jesus match the places they come from, that is why you have pictures like this:

Yet for Christians, what Jesus or Yeshua looked like was never of importance, it was what he did, what he sacrificed, and the gospel he left behind, yet this is not good enough, we are now told that only a Black Jesus is acceptable. One has to wonder, “How is this any less racist than a white Jesus?”

I can say as a Jew; I think National Geographic made the most accurate depiction of what the man Jesus would have looked like:

Yet for Christians of all races, this should not matter, sadly we are being told by people, who are not acting like Christians, or want anything to do with the faith, what Christians should do, putting themselves up as authority over what the Christian scriptures say.

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We have seen the socialist leaders with Black Lives Matter not only call for the destruction of churches, as we see here, but others have also said if we don’t vote the way they demand, “Burn it all down,” others have told us to give them our houses or they will take them from us. Others have said whites are genetically inferior; it is their responsibility to do away with everyone white. I remember hearing things like this in Germany in the 1920s and 30s; one has to wonder, what will it take to wake people and make them realize how dangerous this group is?

As a Jew, I find this troubling, for I know that when these people are done turning on Christians, they will come for Jews next. We have all heard the attack of “White Privilege,” but it hasn’t stopped there, now we hear the opening attacks of “Jewish Privilege,” we know soon they will be coming for us if we don’t stand up against this together.

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