Black Lives Matter – Peaceful Protest Movement Or Domestic Terrorist?

Black Lives Matter, a group that I believe started with the best of intentions, did not last long in such a state, it seems as time has gone on its cause has been hijacked by radicals within.

Antifa And Black Lives Matter, Different Goals, Same Practices

In many ways Black Lives Matter reminds me of Antifa, it too started with the best of intentions, it was founded as a reaction to the rise of Fascism in Italy in the 1920s with the rise of Benito Mussolini to power behind the banner of Fascism. While Fascism is something that should be found as a terrible means of government, no matter how it is displayed or has mutated into, it also needs to be added that Fascism under Italy was far different then it was under Hitler and Germany. The racist policies were still there, but in Italy, it was not as radical in its implementation as Germany’s final solution policies.

This group started as a protest, they were not practicing the violence we see now but grew as the fascist powers in Europe increased, there were parts of this group that remained in places like Spain after the war, but for the most part, it laid low, there was very little activism with this group until the 1970s with the rise of punk bands and Neo-Nazi’s in Europe. They turned more from a protest group to a radical group willing to resort to violence against militant racist groups. This move came due to influence from radical socialist and others that came from Italy and Europe in the 80s; we saw this group transform into what it is now.

Today their violence has gotten so out of hand; they have finally been labeled as a domestic terrorist group in the U.S., In the end, the group has been hijacked by radicals, it has turned into what it was set up to fight, today looking at Antifa there is little difference between their actions today and the fascist black and brown shirts of the 20s and 30s in Italy and Germany.

Rise Of Black Lives Matter


We have seen the same with Black Lives Matter, although I would argue they have taken far less time to turn to violence then Antifa did. After the killing of Trayvon Martin in 2012, the hashtag started #BlackLivesMatter. This quickly grew from not only an American group to an international one.

They quickly escalated to violence with the aftermath of the Michael Brown case. This was where an African American man, after strong-armed robbing a customer in a store, was stopped by police, after assaulting the police officer, walked away, then came back to attack him again, at this point, fearing for his life the officer shot him.

Quickly the lie started that he had held up his hands and said, “Hands-up, don’t shoot,” something that was later found to be a fiction, even the people who were eyewitnesses to the whole thing said this never happened. Black Lives came into Ferguson, led the riots, destroyed much of the city, terrorized the citizens, and burned businesses to the ground. They had grown from a peaceful to a violent group.

While many of their protests were justified, many times we also saw objections arise out of shootings where criminals shoot at police and were shot and killed, this did not matter to this group.

From Protest To Terrorism

Their #BlackLivesMatter is not really about black lives matter if this was the case, where are they in Chicago when blacks kill blacks? We see the same thing in New York, Philadelphia, and other cities, they never protest black on black crimes, only when there are whites involved, or more accurately, the police included (many times the police involved are black themselves).

We have heard that there is a genocide against unarmed Blacks by the police, but I would beg to differ, in 2019 there were only 10 cases of this happening, there were far more against whites. Of these cases, only four were questionable, and two of those ended up with charges pressed on the officers. What is wanted here is not fair treatment, it is the demand that Blacks be treated differently, that justice should be forgotten for them, where looting is acceptable, so is murder, so long as it is black on black crimes, only should have the full weight of the law if it is white on black, or if the shooter is a police officer.

But the recent taking over of city government buildings, protests turning into riots, organized and led by Black Lives Matter, it does not matter if other players hijacked these, they should police their marches. We had the killings during Obama’s terms in office where shooters, who were Black Lives Matter members targeted and shot police officers.

Micah Xavier Johnson - 2016 Dallas shooter.jpg

There was Micah Xavier Johnson who shot five officers in Dallas, we have heard that Black Lives Matter should not be held responsible for this, but I ask, “Why the double standards, you hold all of the whites responsible for what one does?” So yes, I do hold them responsible for this.

We have seen this escalate over Michael Floyd, rioters shooting police offers. So far, at least 12 officers have been shot, retired officer David Dorn, David Patrick Underwood, and Damon Gutzwiller have been killed by these protestors. Shay Mikalonis was shot in the head, looks like he will have to be on a ventilator for the rest of his life due to brain damage, rioters shot another four officers in St. Louis, protesters shot Jason Scott And Rashad Martin in Richmond, Virginia. And two more officers, who are unnamed at this point in New York were attacked by protesters; one was shot, another was stabbed in the neck.

One has to wonder, why wouldn’t we hold them responsible? This is the same group that marched chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” this group has slid from an activist group seeking justice to a domestic terrorist group, one like Antifa that does not have any leadership to speak of (at least that is known), only on a local level, that is leading different chapters on a question to target cops, loot, and riot.

Government Needs To Act Or People Will

We are at the point that if police and the government does not do something about this, and do it soon, vigilantism will start to rise, people are not going to wait around for this group to come to their neighborhood when they start this, you are going to find communities are going to start arming themselves, this will quickly delve into something like the wild west.

While I agree what happened with Floyd was wrong, the people involved in this were arrested, they are waiting for trial, yet we keep hearing the cries for justice? Hasn’t the process already started, the people are arrested, what more do they want? What we are hearing are cries not for justice, they want vengeance, we have seen this when there have been righteous shootings, Black Lives Matter, and their supporters are out in the streets protesting after the evidence was examined, justice was served.

What this is leading to is not justice, it is a call for old fashion lynching, one has wonder, “How long until this becomes a reality?” I mean, they already are rioting, does anyone think it will take much to push them over this edge.

At this point, I am telling people, arm yourself, buy and store, be prepared, because if this is not brought under control, if you are not armed, your words will mean nothing to these people.

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