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Boston Globe Unites 100 Newspapers To Attack Trump

Boston Globe Unites 100 Newspapers To Attack Trump

Many of the leftist news finds the fact that Trump dares to criticize them for putting out fake news as unacceptable for them, so as to show they aren’t putting out fake news, or headlessly attacking Trump they have decided to unite 100 newspapers to attack him. Hmm, That makes sense, wonder how they would feel if we had 100 people accused of assault decide to counter this unfair accusation by uniting and assaulting people? Both make about as much sense.

The press is angry because Trump dares to call them out for their blatant bias, their continuous creation of false narratives, their collaboration to put out the same story, so to teach him a lesson, they are going to unite and do the same thing in a grander fashion. And they wonder why people think the free press is dead.

So who is involved with this? We know so far that the liberal bastions, the Denver Post, Houston Chronicle, Miami Herold, along with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, along with 96 others have agreed to publish editorials August 16th critical of Trump for daring to call the liberal press out for their continuous push of fake news and none stop bias attack against Trump, guess that will show us.

What we basically have here is the liberal playbook of playing like they are the victims. They don’t see the problem is with their credibility, they blame the lack of trust in Trump instead of their own fake and bias reporting, so to teach a lesson they are going to do so on a much grander scale.

So who is taking credit for this besides the Boston Globe, turns out the American Society of News Editors and New England Newspaper and Press Association; they are trying to say this needs to be done regardless of politics, but they are the ones that have done nothing but infuse their reporting with politics. News should be given with as little of politics as possible if you want to do that you put it in the opinion pages, this is no longer happening, you have to try to tear apart what is presented as news to get past the bias opinions in the peace.

There is a reason we demand that any article that has any opinion in it is labeled as an opinion, will demand that this continues. If the news is mixed with opinions, it should be labeled as such, there should never be any exceptions, at least that is what is taught in journalism school, sure not practiced any longer.




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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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