Cenk Uygur Demands That Followers Pledge To Remove Trump If He Refuses And Refuses To Leave

I always find astounding the hypocrisy of the left. Cenk Uygur was one of the people that were warning that if Trump lost in 2016, Trump followers would not except the elections; they may riot and tear this nation apart, yet the only ones doing this so far are the radical leftist he represents.

This is the same person that later said after the election that there was a civil war in the Democratic party, and the Progressives were going to win.

In 2016 it was not the Trump followers who did not accept the election. Instead, we had crying corners, safe spaces, hot cocoa, and teddy bears that were passed out to comfort the delinquents on the left.

Later there were parades, women running around dressed like parts of their anatomy; others screamed at the sky over the fact that they lost.

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The other day had someone tell me this, I asked, “When Romney or McCain lost in 2012, and the 2008 elections did you see any Republicans marching in the streets, did we demand hot cocoa, or did you see anyone walking away with their male appendage on their heads? Did we demand that either of these people leave? We waited for the next time when we could vote.”

The liberals love to accuse others of what they will do. Personally, we conservatives have better things to do then to stupidly tear up our towns, act like thugs looting stores; we have jobs.

Now we hear the same old bird call again, far-left YouTube host and failed congressional candidate Cenk Uygur is asking his followers to pledge to personally go to Washington D.C. and help remove President Donald Trump from office if he loses the election and refuses to leave.

Far-left YouTube host and failed congressional candidate Cenk Uygur asks his followers to pledge to personally go to Washington D.C. and help remove President Donald Trump from office if he loses the election and refuses to leave.

The host of “The Young Turks” posted a petition on his show’s website and tweeted out the pledge for his nearly half a million followers to consider signing.

“Sign Petition: If Donald Trump loses the election and refuses to leave, and the United States military does not remove him from office, I, the undersigned, will personally go to Washington and help remove him from the White House with my fellow Americans,” he wrote.

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The website linked cited an interview of the president with Chris Wallace on Fox News where he was asked if he would respect the results of the election in November.

“In general, I’m not talking about November, are you a good loser?” asked Wallace.

“I’m not a good loser,” Trump replied. “I don’t like to lose. I don’t lose too often. I don’t like to lose.”

“But are you gracious?” Wallace asked.

“You don’t know until you see, it depends,” said Trump. “I think mail in voting is going to rig the election, I really do.”

“Are you suggesting that you might not accept the results of the election?” asked Wallace.

“I have to see,” Trump added.

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In other words, not giving a commitment because we don’t know to what extent the Democrats are willing to go to make sure Trump does not win in November, it is hard to give an idea of reaction.

But I can say tBut I can say this if there is not mass cheating, and Trump loses legitimately, you will find the Republicans would not support him trying to stay in office. I must ask, “Do you think the Democrats would have done the same if Obama had said he was staying in office to prevent Trump from taking his rightful place there?”

What is of note, at the end of this segment, Cenk said he thought Trump was going to win.

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