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Congress – When Are You Going To Start Doing Your Job?

Congress – When Are You Going To Start Doing Your Job?

Congress was created by our founders to aid in running this great government of ours, but seems nowadays they think they are an investigative branch, not a legislative branch, what’s up with this?

One has to wonder, with hundreds of subpoenas out, and the intent is not to find evidence of a wrongful act, rather dig through them until they can find something to charge Trump with, this is both wrong, and against the rights laid out for us in the constitution. One can’t go on a fishing expedition just because you want to find something wrong; you have to have probable cause of a crime that was committed before you investigate. Why isn’t Congress doing their job?

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Meanwhile, we can’t seem to get the Democrats to work on Border Security; they refuse to pass anything forward with immigration reform, other than to support open borders and total lawlessness. You have others, like AOC that is pushing pie in the sky dreams, like the Green New Deal, and Ilhan is going around making anti-Semitic rants. When is Congress going to do their job and start legislating?

We have found since this last election running this nation and doing their job is not in the itinerary of the Democrats, rather it is to obstruct, investigate and destroy Trump at all cost. What is more, the polling shows that the majority of Americans now want this to stop, but the Democrats in the House are so fixated they refuse to, they may find the backlash from the American people will not only give Trump the election in 2020 but could very well have them lose enough seats to be of no consequence.

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What gets me more, what are the Democrats offering us in opposition to Trump in the 2020 election? That they will raise taxes, impose back the Obama regulations that were crushing this nation’s economy, spend trillions on a Green New Deal and bankrupt this nation? Or that we will now have to be careful with our pronouns least we offend someone, that we have to give emotions the same credence as facts?

It is time we demand our legislators do what they were elected in to do, not what a very small minority is demanding, otherwise we all need to be motivated to vote this next election. We need to push everyone you know to vote, we can’t allow the other side to continue to do this due to apathy during election time, we can make a difference with our vote. Let Congress know, either you act in our interest, or we will put others in your place that will.

The only ones that are going to fix this is the same group of people that shook the establishment to the core, voted in someone they had no expectation of winning, and now are doing everything they can to silence both his and our voice, we need to repeat this, but at a even grander scale.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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