Cornel West Blows Up At Another Black Speaker Who Will Not Support Defunding Police

Cornel West and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell were supposed to have a civil segment on defunding the police, urban violence, and Democratic incompetence at addressing these issues, but things went off the hinges almost immediately. It was absolute mayhem on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. Hannity prefaced the segment about the Democrats’ inability to govern, which was interrupted by West. The shouting began almost immediately. Terrell hit back at West for just recycling old Democratic talking points. He then tried to have a discussion with West, “black man to black man,” which West did not take well at all. The two shouted over one another, with Terrell not liking West calling him “brother.”

“You’re not my brother,” shouted Terrell. He added that West was hurting black people with his positions.

“Are you a Christian too? Then, check yourself, negro,” shouted West.

“Oh, my god–you have lost control,” said Terrell in response. “You’re a dinosaur.”

This is the problem if you are willing to agree with the far-left activist, which West is, you either agree or face their wrath. Any disagreement is viewed and acted upon with the same righteous anger we saw so many years ago with the inquisition. The question is, how long until they start demanding the same end the inquisitors gave to their victims, wait, they already are?

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Here you have a teacher within Black Lives Matter. This group should be called a Domestic Terrorist Group, calling for the killing of white people, this is after telling people they should demand White people hand them their money because they need it, then went on to call for overrunning the White House and overthrowing Trump. Excuse the language, I was trying to figure out how to bleep out, but it was too much, besides you get to hear how teachers of our children think.

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The nation has conflicted since the case with Floyd, where he was knelled on until he passed away. But what is not mentioned is that the officers had their badges taken. They are now awaiting trial, but this is acted as if it never happened, the marchers are rioting, demanding justice, one has to wonder, are they demanding a lynching?

We have people like West brainwashing our children in college, the speaker above is teaching our children in high school and middle school, it is terrifying what some of these teachers are putting in the minds of our most precious gift, our children.

I have watched Cornell West in the past; he is an old school socialist, feels that even though socialism has failed in the past, he knows if they do it this time, it will succeed.

I have found over the years; when people like West are confronted with the truth, they don’t back down, say they may need to look at their beliefs, they explode in anger, many times in violence, how dare we show facts to refute what they are trying to push at us.

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