Cuomo Still Casting Blame For Nursing Home deaths, Now Blaming The Nurses

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On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) defended his order that sent coronavirus patients into nursing homes and blamed the infections in nursing homes on staffers bringing in the virus.

Co-host Willie Geist asked, “Looking back now, with the information you have, was it a mistake to issue that March 25 order to send people back into the nursing homes, now that you have all the information you have?”

Cuomo responded, “First, it was a — it was federal guidance that was put out, Willie. … No, it wasn’t a mistake. Because if you look at the facts, not that anybody looks at facts anymore, by the time — you didn’t want to leave a senior citizen in a hospital for two weeks if they didn’t need to be in a hospital bed for two weeks. You didn’t want to use the hospital bed that way. And it’s very dangerous for the senior citizen to be in a hospital for two weeks, sepsis, secondary infections, etc. By the time a person was transferred, after nine or ten days, they were no longer contagious. And what all the data says is, the reason you had infections in the nursing homes [was] because the staff brought in the infection. And you look at the communities that had the high[est] infection rate overall, those are the communities that had nursing homes with a high infection rate. So, it is that the staff got infected, they came to work, and they brought in the infection.”

If this was the case, then why didn’t all the other states do the same? There was no federal guidance to put the sick in a place where they were unable to isolate, yet instead of admitting that his administration screwed up, he at first blamed Trump, which he still does here, but now he is trying to say the staff were infected, but fails to explain why. The fact is when you put a staff that is not equipped with the same resources as a hospital, which Nursing Homes aren’t, they are not going to have the protection in place to protect their staff.

Cuomo is not only responsible for the deaths of the senior citizens, but also of the staff, who were unprepared to deal with the numbers that he forced on the homes.

One could hardly be blamed for wondering if some of this was purposefully done. The Senior citizens, take a greater amount of the states resources to take care of them due to failing health issues, could it have been done on purpose to put these people in a position where they could be infected, die off and save the state money?

We saw this with the testimony of a nurse who since has quite, went on to work as a journalist where she brought undercover cameras and exposed nurses putting healthy senior citizens in the same room with people infected with COVID, then did nothing to keep them alive when COVID started to put pressure on their breathing.

As we have seen in the past, Coumo is just following the Democrat playbook, never accept responsibility, find someone else to blame, if at all possible blame the GOP or Trump. It is time he owns up to his own actions.

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