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DACA and Dreamers Turn On Democrats

DACA and Dreamers Turn On Democrats

In the ultimate irony, the illegals that are part of DACA have turned on the DNC for not doing enough, complaining that they supported them, some even worked with them to ensure they would remain in power and return have gotten nothing. I have to admit watching this, am always amazed how people who came here illegally are involved in any way in the election process, the constitution is rather firm on how this is only for American citizens, something the DACA and Dreamers crowd aren’t. 

Of course, we have seen this in the past; we saw it even after the DNC shut down the US government, showing they cared more for people who aren’t supposed to be here then the actual citizens that electing them. Nancy Pelosi, Feinstein, and others now have been turned on by these entitled brats who actually think that they are owed allegiance, demanding they get their way in the US or they will turn on it and everyone, seems they have forgotten along the way that they aren’t citizens, they are here due to our own goodwill, not due to their deserving it. 

I will happily admit in the past I put out my support for these people, like my wife they came here as children, like her they have green cards issued, have to go and renew them, or at least she did, she went on to become a citizen, these kids haven’t.  But at no time did I ever get from here that the US was under a obligation to have everyone here, while she did say that it was wrong of the US to go to her people in Vietnam, the Hmongs, and ask them to help in the war, knowing that from that point on it would put a death sentence on every Hmong’s head, and to promise while asking if the US would not succeed they would take them to safety, and they didn’t, she nor her mother, her father, passed shortly after coming here due to complications from the war, she always knew she was one of the lucky few, there are still many that are dying in Asia because they haven’t been allowed to come. 

If anything, I see resentment towards the illegals, the Hmong have been told part of the reason the process is so slow has nothing to do with background checks, most of them fought for the US in the war, rather it is due to the huge influx of illegals in America that have slowed down the processing of bringing people over. Then in the ultimate backstab, turns out Clinton while Sec of State, knowing the camps in Thailand are the only thing that has kept many of these people safe from Vietnamese retribution, they have very long memories, are the camps, Clinton as Sec of State worked to finish what her husband tried to do while president, cut off all funding to them and shut them down. Since then tens of thousands have been wiped out, yet even with all this, she loves this nation, knows being here is a privilege and has taught our son along with me that this is the greatest nation in the history of this world. 

I think it is this part that finally got me to pull any support for these DACA and Dreamers that I may have had in the past, I think if we are going to bring people over here, as we have in the past, they should appreciate the gift that was given them, not act like we are obligated to give it to them, then march and turn on their very supporters if they are not moving fast enough. I have had enough, as far as I am concerned we can send the majority of them back, but not all, I think there are some that have contributed to this nation, have served in the military, made themselves an asset to this nation, they should stay.

The rest, the ones that demand, act like they are owed this because Obama did something illegal and activist judges are giving them the impression they are owed this, maybe it is time for us to part ways, we are better off bringing in more people like my wife and her family, people that will add to the uniqueness of this nation, not demand the nation bend over for them. It is time we start securing our borders, bring people over that will contribute, will appreciate the great gift they are given. We need to stop bringing people over from nations where they all hate us, one just needs to go to interviews of some of the people brought over here from Somalia to see the problem with this, rather than be thankful they have a save space they hate us, even say they want to leave, I say let them go, there are a 1,000 that wish they could be in their place, throw them out. 



To bring more updates to Silent No More, insights in, we are currently going to speak with a embroidery place that will make up the logo for shirts, the website has been brought under construction, not sure why, once this starts this is why it shows nothing when you try to pull it up, hopefully, will be up today, but will not be the final version. I have spoken with some campaigns that may wish to be involved, hoping to present what they are presenting to the people, so you can see exactly what we are voting for. 

We are also looking at bringing in writers that can rate each person running, give an idea how they will hold to what we want, then put out grades on them, will also do this with the people they are running against. 

All this cost money, any help will be appreciated, soon we will have clothing coming online so you can let others know you are part of this movement. 

Here is the charitable giving site.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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