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Debra Messing Goes Full Stupid, Says Trump Holding Up Bible A call To Fascist

Debra Messing Goes Full Stupid, Says Trump Holding Up Bible A call To Fascist

Debra Messing goes full stupid on twitter and exposes her TDS to the world, upset that Trump dared hold a bible in front of a church.

There are times I turn on my computer, look around to see how people are reacting to current events, then a Holly-weird actor or actress comes up with something so retarded I think, can someone ever top this, the next day I go back, sure enough, they have.

By this standard are we supposed to stop using the toilet, I mean Hitler did, so did other terrible figures, if Trump uses the bathroom is this not by coincidence? What if he takes a drink of water?

It turns out others could not help themselves, quickly her twitter feed was a butt of all jokes.

What was worse, she did not even use the actual picture, she used one that was photoshopped, but the lie didn’t matter, it was the intent that mattered, the fact that she presented a fake narrative, which is okay with the left.

As for what Trump was doing there, he went to pay respect to the firefighters who put the church fire, which was set by protestors out, he also called out the Police, used his platform to praise them for the fantastic job they had done, not that any of this mattered, activist, like the Bishop, which was over this churches congregation had a fit that Trump dared show up there, said he violated holy ground.

Amazing, so now the church owns the city sidewalks, and the president has to get permission from him to use the sidewalk in front of the church or pose for a picture? I thought churches were open to all, guess this Bishop doesn’t believe that is important. Can we say hypocrite?

We need to ask, by her same standards, was Nancy Pelosi a Nazi as well when she held up the bible and said the nation needed to heal?


I am at the point where I would rather watch the discovery channel, national geographic. I don’t want to give these actors or actresses, like Debra Messing, a penny of my time or money.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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