Democrats Willing To Destroy our Economy and Hurt Americans, Even Our Children, To Defeat Trump

We hear speeches with patriotic music in the background, Democratic governors look at us with sadness in their eyes, say shutting down their states is the hardest thing they have ever done, but don’t buy into this, Democrats are willing to hurt all of us if that is what it takes to regain power.

With the science showing otherwise, no longer do scientific facts matter, nor does doing what is best for the constituents these people are presiding over, these people are to be silent, don’t they know that they must suffer for the betterment of the nation? Dare to question their actions they throw out their contemptuous word at you, “DENIER,” spit it out with disdain, yet ask for the evidence they are using you get accused of denying, they never show the proof.

The economy and schools be damned, they don’t care if we have people starving in the streets, businesses going under, all that matters is their power, they need to seize it all, no matter the cost. If our children suffer, that is of little concern so long as their goal is achieved.

When this does not work, they then throw out their other action words, ‘climate change,’ ‘racist,’ many times they throw the words together, makes them sound more sinister, “climate change is based on racial inequality” or claim that racism that is causing Trump supporters not to buy into the Green New Deal.

Science is defined as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the physical and natural world’s structure and behavior through observation and experiment.”

Science is about questioning everything; if a fact is a fact, then any question can be posed at it, facts stand on their own, and it has no fear of questions. Yet we are told this is not acceptable by the left; we must not question global warming claims, the consensuses support their view, that is all that matters, you dare question, you’re a science heretic. I am always amazed by this train of thought, so happy Galileo did not stand by this; we would still believe the sun circled the earth.

Even though science does not always live up to its reputation, a decision must be made, and when the preponderance of the science says open, you should open.

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Governors, who had no problem sending peoples’ mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers, the highest risk age group, to certain death alone in nursing facilities while preventing their loved ones the opportunity even to say, “Goodbye.”

Later, they unabashedly took a victory lap while bragging to the world how successful they were. Now, they insist on quarantining the least at-risk segment of the population by keeping schools closed.

We now know by all the data out there that the risk of school children contacting COVID is so small that it hardly registers, yet we are told by Democratic Governors that we must stay closed “for the children.” I say this is B.S.; our children’s safety has nothing to do with this; it is the safety of their election odds they care about.

Right now, the median age of those succumbing to the virus is 78 years old. 99.96% are adults. Yet none of these matters, if they have to destroy our economy to win in November, see our cities in ruin, then so be it, their power is much more important to them than this nation.

We are in danger of losing a whole year of schooling for our children, many homes are not equipped to play educator and babysitter, people have jobs, what the Democrats are doing is a one/two punch, they know the children are falling behind, and by forcing parents to give up jobs to be with their children, when they should be in school, they are further depressing the financials of the family.

Democrat leaders

In turn, this puts the family in a position of having to rely on the government for handouts, instead of being self-sufficient. The short term gains are much more important then the long term harm the Democrats inflict on this nation.

Sadly, the one thing the Democrats have learned from this whole process is the unlimited power the Democrat Governors were able to seize, rather than fight against silly rules, rules that had nothing to do with the safety of the public, the governors pushed and pushed just to see how far they could before the public started to rebel. One has to wonder, is this a dry run for what is coming in the future?

One of the worst lessons learned by America’s Democrat mayors and governors through the COVID and the riots is the enormous, almost unlimited power they have in an emergency. They literally can rule by decree. And not only do they relish the opportunity to be dictators but also are unwilling to give up their newly acquired power — primarily because it allows them to ratchet up the misery for all those non-elite Americans so it can be used as a cudgel to bludgeon Trump and perhaps cost him the presidency.

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That and racism…it is always something and “racism.” The “something” changes depending on what Democrats and media think they can sell, but the charge of “racism” remains static.

The greatest misconception American’s on the left have is that this nation is a Democracy, we never were, we are a republic, we are a unified nation made up of 50 separate and distinct states, each state is ruled as a fiefdom of its power players, they, in turn, are held together by the fabric of the federal government.

We are seeing governors in Democrat-majority states acting like royalty, Kings or Queens that rule by decree, dare to stand up to them. We are labeled a terrorist, radical, science denier, worse, a Trumpster. To fight this, they shut down businesses, close establishments where people can mingle, tell Churches and Synagogues they aren’t essential businesses, even telling choirs they can’t sing in church.

They can dictate which businesses can open and which will remain closed. People can be forced to stay in their homes, and when allowed out, told where they can go and what they are permitted to buy.

The riots were even better for our new royalty; they can now simultaneously ignore the giant, non-social distancing crowds and all the destruction and violence while forcing healthy constituencies to remain quarantined.

For the first time in the history of plague and pandemic, we decided to quarantine the healthy — something that would have been unimaginable a short time ago. The rioting, combined with the damage to lives, careers and wealth done by the lockdowns, all the arson, looting and destruction of property, and the ruination of the economy is meant to give the King of Aphasia, Joe Biden the opportunity to run against Trump’s lousy economy and riots. And now, closed schools as well.

The Democrats are refusing to reopen schools, even though they know our children have almost a zero risk of catching COVID. This is more about keeping the parents home, thus depressing the economy, nothing more.

They have their mouthpieces in the Media who lecture all of us every night, telling us this calamity caused by Democrat Governors is not their fault, it is all on Trump. They know if they can continue this and try to keep the election close enough, they will steal it with illegal votes, trunks full of lost ballots.

If the election is tight, you will hear calls that all the ballots are not in, lost, and magically discovered.

Democrats choose to destroy this country so Americans can suffer for the sin of not electing Hillary Clinton in 2016 and be given the government they deserve, “good and hard.” It is one thing to ruin adults’ lives over something political but another entirely to do it to children. The saddest part of it all is they might succeed.

If we are not willing to stand up, demand our constitutional rights be honored, that Governors and elected officials are not royalty, they answer to us, the people, we are in danger of losing this nation.

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