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Europe Has A Terrorist Problem A Lesson Of What Not To Do!

Europe Has A Terrorist Problem A Lesson Of What Not To Do!

We hear from Democrats that Europe is the shining light of democracy, but is it? Is their response to terrorists, Islamic radicals that go and fight for the cause of Islam something we in the US want to emulate? We look at what Europe has done, see why many of their moves are the opposite of what should be done.

Europe, with leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Emmanuel Macron, or Spain’s Socialist Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón, we saw in the early 2000’s a swing of Europe towards socialist leaders, leaders like Merkel who wanted to lecture their people, and the world, on the virtues of socialistic ideology, all while allowing their nations to be overrun by migrants who cared nothing of their values.

Today Europe is ridden with crime, even nations like Great Britain, which has a more conservative leadership. However, by our standards, their conservative leadership is more like the Democrats, they are now facing huge problems with migrants due to not doing any background check on them, just opening the doors and letting them in.

You can go to nations like Great Britain; they have seen a rise in dramatic proportions of genetic illnesses due to generations of inbreeding from the migrants that is causing its medical crises in the nation.

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This problem is buried, swept under the rug, not spoken about least the people who direct conversation to their problem are perceived as racist or bigoted against Muslim migrants.

In England, lest they are called racist, the news is reporting this as a problem with Asian migrants. While the naming is correct, it is misleading because there are minimal inbreeding issues with the people from the far east; instead, it is almost exclusively from the Middle East.

In England, we just saw the result of not only allowing in without any control but releasing terrorists who went and fought for Al Qaeda or ISIS when they return to Europe. This weekend England had to kill a terrorist who, upon returning, was released. He ended up stabbing multiple people, all while wearing a fake suicide vest.

We have seen mass attacks in France, in TurkeyNetherlandsDenmark, and other European nations, when you start to look at the attacks, the uptake of radical Islamist attacks that saw a rapid increase in the 1980s, and continue on today. One has to wonder, why would their response be to bring more migrants from the same area into their nation, unless this is by design?

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Many of these nations experienced little or no terrorism, suddenly they have found that the few socialist or communist radical attacks they experienced in the 1980s has exploded to yearly, sometimes monthly attacks by radical Islamist.

In some cases, resentment is causing its problems, such as attacks against mosques by elements in society. This may be brought on by what is perceived as the protection of these migrants over the people that have lived in the land for generations.

The population is not then fully informed of the problem, news, to keep within their politically correct guidelines, something that if you violate can land you legal trouble, are now not willing to report this due to these laws.

Yet this is what is demanded by the Democrats in our nation. They require that we have open borders, if you can make it to our border, you should be allowed in without any background check.

The most significant commodity people today is the truth, yet the left is increasingly telling us that the truth is racist, to disclose it shows racist motives. We are now told that we can’t expose facts least it makes some people feel uncomfortable, thus whole generations of people are blinded to reality because facts aren’t available to them.

They have a problem in Europe due to unrestricted Islamic migration; it has gotten so bad that now nations are finding conservative populism is on the rise, citizens in countries are voting in these people that care more about their government than trying to do what is going to make the rest of the world comfortable.

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European leaders like Merkel and Macron are finding their policies becoming more and more unpopular; the people aren’t willing to have the social ills thrust on them that comes with the plans these leaders are pushing.

We now see full-scale rioting and protest all over Europe as the people are taking to the streets and saying enough is enough. The press is beside themselves as people are rejecting the far-left ideology the leftist media is trying to force on them, new sites that report on the news, not pretend news filled with ideological claims is the news, these are increasing, something the established press is frantic to get control of.

Trump won the 2016 election partially in response to this trying to be forced on us in America; we now see rather than seeing a different tactic is needed. The left is doubling down by leaning further and further to the left. They want to put in place a restriction of our right to free speech; they see the good of the people and society hold more importance than our right to freely express ourselves.

The left will give lip service to free speech, but then turn around and say that hate speech should not be allowed. The problem with this claim is they then classify any speech they don’t agree with, such as this article, as hate speech and demand it be stifled.

Trump came into power due to a significant rejection of what the progressive left is trying to force on here. In Europe, after Trump’s election, we have seen others elected that hold the same views as Trump, to take care of their nation first, then look to what they can do to help others, something that is seen as blasphemous by the progressives.

Europe is in the middle of a fight for its life, a battle I sadly think they will end up loosing, as migration increases, you will see, as has been shown in history, the changing of Europe into something that is not recognizable will be the outcome.

That seems to be okay with the European elite; they can leave if things get too scary. Still, it is not that way here; we are not willing to hand away our sovereignty to a group of elite, this is why we rejected this European world view in 2016 and why it will be rejected in 2020.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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