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Gun Control, The Myth That Rules Work

Gun Control, The Myth That Rules Work

We have all heard it, a shooting goes on, people jump up and down in outrage, no one speaks of the person shooting, they blame the tool, guns, they scream that we need to have guns removed, “Our safety should take precedence over our constitutional rights, we want gun control now!” they yell. But is there any truth behind this rhetoric?

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Let’s take a look at the facts:

FACT: Prior to 1968 Fed Gun Control Act, handguns & so-called “assault rifles” were uncontrolled & readily available to anyone, regardless of age, nationality, or criminal history & could be purchased without background checks or registration requirements; even via mail order.

Since 1968 Fed Gun Control Act, over 20,000 Fed, State & Local restrictive gun control laws have been enacted. However, prior to this, today’s headline shootings, though occasionally occurring, were relatively rare. So what effect has this gun control act, plus a flood of state & local laws done to quell this problem?

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Since the late 60s, have we seen a steady escalation of “mass shootings”, disproportional to population increase; to where they ‘re now relatively common? And why is it now assumed even more gun control laws will solve problems where previous legislation failed?

Could it be these relatively recent problems have nothing to do with easy access to guns but have deeper sociological roots that are more complicated & more difficult to deal with? Logic dictates there’d be a cause & effect relationship between such shootings, and the 68 Fed Gun Control Act, resulting in a Decrease.

Sadly, the FACTS prove just the opposite. I challenge anyone to explain this anomaly & why even more restrictive gun laws will accomplish what all previous legislation has not. Explain how “stricter” gun laws will make us safer. 
Also, note that violent crime rates dropped when most states began mandating “Shall Issue” CCW laws in the 1990s. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I don’t think so. 

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Gun Control Act of 1968

So what put into effect the Gun Control Act of 1968? This came about in response to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, demands started from the left that control of guns needed to be enacted.

The surprising thing about this law, and the ones following, this law, even if it was in place prior to Kennedy’s assassination would not have prevented Oswald from purchasing the gun, also, if he was determined to kill Kennedy, do you think something as petty as gun control law would have stopped him?

What is more, the GOP had up to this point been staunchly against gun control of any type, they viewed it the same way as they did our first amendment, that no infringement on that right should ever be allowed, but then caved in to public pressure.

Today the left turns on the NRA, they are the fashionable scape goat to blame for all gun deaths, but how many members of the NRA have ever been involved in any of these mass shootings? I can answer that easily, none. So why does the left continue to blame the NRA and not the shooter?

I personally find the idea of attack the tool as silly as someone pounding in a nail, hits his thumb, I am sure anyone that has ever pounded in nails can attest to this happening to them at one time, they throw the hammer in the garbage, scream that hammers are evil, they assaulted them. We know this will never happen, the people who suffered struck thumb will surely not protest to remove hammers, but for some reason, they are doing this with guns.

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Why The Increase In Shootings?

The question should be asked, and is not, “Why is there such an increase in shootings?” If you ask this, and you look for an answer you will be accused of racism if you dare to speak the truth, today over 55% of all murders in the US are committed by 6% of the population, African American Males.

But is screaming racism what should be done? Is asking or seeking the truth with factual research ever racist? Of course not, if the facts point to a certain demographic of the population, we then need to ask that demographic to look at why this is such a huge problem.

If a segment of our population is committing murders at a ration that is by a magnitude greater then the other demographics, we owe it to them and ourselves to figure out why, maybe this, not the guns is what should be looked at.

I must ask, “Why is this NEVER reported in the news?” What is the objective of hiding facts from the public? The answer is simple, the ones reporting the news feel when facts don’t support a narrative they are presenting then the facts must be ignored.

If we are going to get a handle on this, ignoring the facts, then placing restrictions on the ones not committing the crimes is not going to reduce the amount of gun violence, if anything it will increase it, you are taking guns from law abiding citizens and given them to the unlawful ones. How does that make any sense?

If we want to get a grip on this, we need to have open and frank discussions, being afraid of being labeled a racist because you speak the truth will get nothing done. And I must add, these activist within the black community, if they care so much about their community, why aren’t they in front of this, asking what needs to be done to curb this growing trend of violence? Sadly what we really see from them is they are trying to teach their followers how to be perpetual victims, blaming everyone but themselves for their own problems.

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If the community wants this stopped, they need to stop blaming others, they need to first police themselves, then figure out why. And before you scream about the environment, if that is the case then why is it that you can have 20 people on a block, 1/4 ends up in prison, the other 5/8 work and make a living, and 1/8 moves out of the community, becomes doctors, mayors, professors, professionals that change the world, why aren’t these the leaders the people are taught to emulate?

To fix this, it is not the guns fault, to restrict them will do nothing, criminals don’t care about the law, to fix this will take hard questions, intense internal searching, and stop blaming everyone else for your actions, and last, stop playing the perpetual victim.

Guns are not a problem; we are, until we fix ourselves, even if we take the guns, people determined to kill will use whatever tool is within reach for them, if not guns, then baseball bats, crowbars, and knives. We need to fix what is wrong with society, not guns.
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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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