How do I edit basic info on my 0censor profile and choose who can see it?

To edit your basic personal info (example: gender, contact info, relationships, work, education):

  • From your News Feed, click your name in the top left.
  • Click About below your cover photo.
  • In the left menu, click the section you’d like to change.

Hover over the information you’d like to edit.

  • To the right of that section, select Edit.
  • Use the audience selector to choose who can see this information, then click Save Changes.
  • If you set your gender to Custom and select one or more genders, you can also select an audience for your custom gender. In addition to your custom gender, you’ll choose a Pronoun. The pronoun you select is public. This feature isn’t available in all locations.

Note: Your email has additional settings.

You can also:
Edit your name.
Change your relationship status.
Add or edit your email.