How do I review recent emails sent from 0censor?

If you ever get an email claiming to be from 0censor, you can confirm if we’ve sent it by checking if it came from and by reviewing recent emails we’ve sent you from a list in your Security and Login Settings.To review recent emails sent from 0censor:

  1. Go to your Security and Login Settings by clicking in the top right of 0censor, clicking Settings and clicking Security and Login.
  2. Scroll down to See recent emails from 0censor and click View.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • We will show you recent security emails (such as a request to change your password) from the last two weeks in your Security tab.
  • If you see an email saying we’ve changed your password or made a change to your 0censor account that you don’t remember doing, you can click I Didn’t Do This or Secure your account to let us know so we can help you review recent activity.
  • We will show you any other recent emails sent by 0censor in the last two days in your Other tab.
  • If we send an email containing a special link or a security code, we may hide that information in your Security and Login Settings to help protect your 0censor account. You’ll need to be able to log into your email account in order to view it.

Never click a link in an email that claims to be from 0censor if you can’t confirm we’ve sent it. If you accidentally click a suspicious link, we can help you secure your account.