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Iran Says Trump’s New Sanctions End Diplomacy Channels Forever

Iran Says Trump’s New Sanctions End Diplomacy Channels Forever

After the latest rounds of new sanctions again Iran, Iran has reacted by calling the White House “retarded”, then claiming that the chance of any communications is over.

A spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said in a tweet Tuesday that the new U.S. sanctions that target Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other Iranian officials permanently end any chance of diplomacy between countries.

Tensions between the US and Iran have increased exponentially over the last couple of weeks after an initial new set of U.S. sanctions that Washington said led to the attacks on two oil tankers and Iran shooting at one drone before shooting down another. The situation became much worse last week after Tehran admitted to shooting down a $100 million+ U.S. Navy drone.

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Abbas Mousavi on Twitter said that President Trump’s news sanctions mean that both sides are now “closing channels of diplomacy forever,” according to Reuters.

“Trump’s desperate administration is destroying the established international mechanisms for maintaining world peace and security,” the tweet read.

Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, later said the U.S. is open to negotiations, all Iran needs to do is “walk through the open door.” But we need to clarify this by saying we are not sure if this was a response to Mousavi’s tweet.

While many are crediting Trump for his prudence when dealing with Iran, he appears not eager to enter into another war with a regional player in the Middle East, he did say on Monday that his “restrain” is not without limits.

Trump said the sanctions “will deny the supreme leader and the supreme leader’s office and those closely affiliated with him and the office access to key financial resources and support.” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the sanctions “lock up literally billions of dollars more of assets.”

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