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Is The DNC doomed to go the Way of the whigs?

Is The DNC doomed to go the Way of the whigs?

As we watch the pulling of the DNC in two directions, we’re left with the question, can they go on as they are, with two completely differing views on the future of the party? And what happens if the party decides again rigs the nomination, to ensure he is not nominated, can the party survive this happening twice? Could a split happen?

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WHIG Party

The WHIG party, the dominant party opposite the Democrats in the mid-1800s, saw a rise against the Democrats. Still, for the most part, that was all their message was, they were the anti-democratic party, won due to corruption within the DNC back then, the response by the electoral gave way to the Whigs growing in power.

The primary growth came during the Jackson years, Jackson ran the government like a tyrant, the opposition to this was starting to grow in the early 1800s, in response to the leaders from the old defunct Federalist party, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, Willian Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor (both who served as president), rose to challenge the Democrats as the opposition.

The problem with the party is they, for the most part, became a reaction party, not one that was sitting on their platform; this is what doomed them in the end, that and the rise of a new party, the Republican party with Abraham Lincoln leading.

When a party finds itself defined more by the reaction to a particular person, instead of bringing a new platform to give an alternative to what we currently have, this, as a rule, will weaken the opposition if the people don’t agree with what they are opposing. One can stir up emotions, and we have seen this, but if you have no platform to present, only one of resistance you risk your ruination.

It was this that in the 1850s caused the ruination of the WHIG party, they fell into the trash heap of history, while their leaders are still remembered, not many remember them for the accomplishments they performed.

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We see much the same with the DNC, the party is now splitting in two, you have the far-leftist, the progressive part of the party, they do present a plan, one that is bold, more in tune with what the youth today see as a vision of the future. If you agree or don’t, that is of little importance, they seem to, and have grabbed strength in their belief. Right now, party leaders like Sanders, AOC, and others are leading, the youth in this nation are too happy to follow.

The problem comes from the older part of the party, the Clintonian part, the ones that supported Carter, Clinton, threw their support behind Obama, even though some of what he stood for they didn’t. But now these same people have become more a party of resistance rather than a party of ideas; they are so consumed with their hatred of Trump, they seem to think this is enough for them to go forward.

Some see Sanders, AOC, and others from the far-left progressive side as so far left, their goal of existence, the removal of Trump is put in doubt, these stalwarts of the DNC worry that these leaders are going to lose the election. This is causing them to go on what could best be described as a suicide pact; they would rather tear apart the party than risk four more years of Trump, they are willing to alienate their whole youth movement to do this.

The Hill in January ran an article complaining of this, what they stated is scary for the DNC. The primaries don’t make up the majority of Americans; they vote according to party, voting within their own demographics. Even though Sanders came in first or second place in all the Primaries so far, if you look at these numbers compared to the general public, you see the problem. 

While the Democratic primaries may show that 40% of the votes have gone to Sanders, the general public only shows a 20% support for his policies, when this comes to a general election this will turn out to be a disaster.

This is why the DNC is now frantically moving to change the way the party votes, they remember what Trump did to the GOP, now its failure to react ensured him the nomination, later the election, they are determined to stop this at all cost.

What this will cause is a upheaval that the DNC may not survive, the youth in the party remember what happened four years ago when, in their view, the DNC took the nomination away from Sanders, if this happens again, you may find this whole block sitting out, or possibly Sanders will decide since he is in his upper 70’s, he may not have another chance at this and run as an independent.

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Possible Split?

One of the Democrat mouthpieces, the Intelligencer, asked this same question. They showed how the party is split in their support, although the Sanders support was compelling, his support seems to show from both the mainstream and progressive part of the DNC, they were asking if he would split the DNC.

Sanders promised again to honor the nomination process within the party; one has to wonder if he will stick to his word if he views his nomination as being stolen from him again. What is more, how will his followers react?

We have already seen the more liberal bent of the party, with leaders like AOC refusing to share election funds with the less progressive members. She and others openly speak of their problem with the party not being there for just them; they seem to view anyone not sharing their ideology with contempt. One has to wonder, how much longer can the two sides work togather before the divide becomes too high?

The DNC knows, with Sanders, they have little chance of winning back the White House, this will leave them with what they dread the most, another four years of Trump. There is also the threat that if they do again now, what they did in 2016, they could lose much of the Sander voters, they could switch to Trump out of protest, or sit out the process, this would result in another four years of Trump.

If the party splits, you then would be stuck with the nation left with three primary players, others are part of the system, like the Green Party, the Constitutional Party, or the Libertarian Party, but these are more offshoots of the two main parties, their votes, such as the Green Party are drawn from the Democratic party, while the Libertarian and the Constitutional party draw from the GOP votes.

If the Democratic party splits, this will be a significant party splitting. The problem is you would then look at 1/3 of the votes staying with the GOP, 1/6 with either of the two parties that split, this would make the process of winning a nomination almost impossible for these two parties. This would guarantee a GOP control of the White House and both house for years to come. If this split continues on to the States, this would equally affect them there.

Both parties today pull in about 35% of the votes, this makes up 70% of the national voters, the undecided, many of them are either independents or part of the minor parties, they make up the 30% in the middle, these are the ones that decide votes, not the 35% from either party, those votes, for the most part, are static.

As part of the party moves more towards the fringe left, we are going to see a stronger turn out for the Trump. The Left is going to bypass Bernie, most likely will see a split with the Democrats staying, but much weakened, and a socialist Democratic party was starting up that will pull their followers from the DNC. This is a great thing for America, will ensure GOP dominance for years to come.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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