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John Lewis, One-Time Civil Rights Hero, In The End, a Political Hack, He Was No Hero.

John Lewis, One-Time Civil Rights Hero, In The  End, a Political Hack, He Was No Hero.

We have seen great tributes come out in support of John Lewis, talk about what great things he did in his youth, and he did, he was a notable actor in the civil rights movement, but then he went into politics.

In the end, John Lewis was no hero; he was part of the swamp, saw racism in every corner, played the worst of partisan games, did not care about this nation, only his power. In many ways, Lewis was to the Democrats what McCain was to the Republicans.

No place was this seen more than in the sham of an impeachment he presided over, his refusal to allow any defense, cutting off any witnesses the GOP wanted to bring in to support Trump.

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This is the same John Lewis who found any president who was not Democrat, as illegitimate, refused to attend Bush’s swearing-in, did the same with Trump, claimed both were illegitimate.

Later, he called for President Bush’s impeachment because he authorized the National Security Agency wiretapping without any warrants. When President Barack Obama authorized similar wiretapping, Mr. Lewis failed to say anything negative about President Obama and certainly did not call for his impeachment. Perhaps a bit of hypocrisy? In 2008, he accused Sen. John McCain of stoking hate and likened his presidential campaign to former Gov. George Wallace.

Is Mr. Lewis a civil rights icon? Absolutely. Has he become a political hack over the past two decades? Absolutely. Is it possible to praise Mr. Lewis for the former and condemn him for the latter? Absolutely. Doing something great in your life does not give you a pass to become as partisan as you wish and be immune from criticism totally unrelated to your heroic act.

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II look at what one had done when they were younger. One can say, like McCain, Mr. Lewis did heroic things, was jailed, beaten, harassed fighting for civil rights and equality, that is noble, we should remember this, but this is not who he was in the end, that we also need to remember.

Mr. Lewis was a rabid partisan hack; I will not stand up and say he was a good man when he passed, he was more concerned about politics and pushing the Democrat narrative then he was worried about this nation. He pressed racial divides, creating exactly what he spent his youth fighting against, I will never call him a hero, but I will say he was once a hero.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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