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Lindsey Graham. Were You Lying All This Time?

Lindsey Graham. Were You Lying All This Time?

Yesterday I heard something that floored me, Lindsay Graham, the longtime leader of the GOP, ex-presidential candidate, came out and said that no Supreme Court should take on precedence, that Roe v. Wade should never be on the Supreme Court docket unless there is a good reason. I thought about it for a second, then said, if we had a court finding that said killing Invalides was fine, and he said the same, would we not be outraged? At least they had a chance to make something of life, these little ones never do.

I must ask, what happened to the GOP, why aren’t we demanding answers to this, further, in addition to Lindsey Graham there are members of the GOP like Sen. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, who say that they will not support any Judicial Pick from Trump that shows hostility to Roe v. Wade, I must ask, what do your constituents think, or does that not matter any longer?

What we have are wolves in sheep’s clothing, these are for most practical purposes democrats posing conservatives. I may ask and will, where was Lindsey Graham for eight years when Obama was in office, he rubber stamped everything that Obama asked for, stood in opposition to Trump, supported the appointment of a special investigator, still claims he knows there was Russian involvement, why is he even being reelected?

Where is an actual Republican to challenge him? The GOP is getting rid of their old horses when they have new ones come in, although I am not a fan of these new people and their socialist idea’s, at least the people are voting to how they feel, the GOP just keeps voting the same rancid nonsense back in. When are we going to understand, Trump is leading the party, if you can’t run with this, then get out, let’s find new blood that will vote to push this reviving of America we see going on right now.

I never bring religion into my writings, I find the subject far too subjective, if you say one thing, another faith will say another, then you start to fight over faith and not facts, but I need to end this with what the creator says about this, seems no one is listening, “I chose you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart before you were born….” Jeremiah 1:15, if the creator of all knows this young fetus in a personal way, how do we justify killing them, this is not just a growth of offending tissue, we are killing off life. I must ask, “Is the life inside you part of your body? If it is, then why does everyone ask you how the baby is doing, why aren’t they asking you how you are doing?”

We as a nation have this wrong, if a woman goes out on a drug binge, and she is pregnant, she is charged with child abuse, and rightfully so, but the second she gets out of jail she can visit an abortion clinic and terminate or kill the fetus, this is not seen as abuse or worse, murder?

If I cut off a growth, I am never charged with abusing the growth if do something I shouldn’t with chemicals the week before, there sure is not a charge of abusing it, it is part of my body, but a baby isn’t, it is its own body, it happens to be living and maturing inside a woman’s body. In other words, it is another unique life. How can we persecute someone for killing endangered fish and birds, yet we turn a blind eye to killing our most precious resources, our young before they can defend themselves?

I have a special needs child, has been  a lot of work, also has been such a blessing in my life, I know if we had done genetic testing on him while in birth, would most likely have had been told to terminate the pregnancy, and had I, I would have missed out on the biggest blessing I have ever experienced. Life is never a burden, it is a blessing, although I will admit now that he is 13, there are moments it may not seem that way.

History judges Hitler, Stalin and Mao as the evilest trio of world leaders we have ever had, each killed off millions, how will history judge us Lindsey Graham when they see that in the name of convenience we have killed off over 50 million babies since Roe v. Wade?

It is time to get these wolves in sheep clothing out of power, please people, we need someone to step forward, give us a better alternative to vote for, it is time we demand that either these people support what we the voters stand up for, or remove them and put people in that will.




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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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