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Media Says Calling COVID-19 “Wuhan” is Racist, So Here’s a Montage of Media Calling COVID-19 the “Wuhan”

Media Says Calling COVID-19 “Wuhan” is Racist, So Here’s a Montage of Media Calling COVID-19 the “Wuhan”

Congratulations to everyone this week who survived both the spring forward time change (even though it happens every year, like clockwork) and the Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, aka the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. Whatever you’re personally calling the flu when raiding the nearest store for double-ply, media has a lecture: Don’t say the disease is from China or the region of China from which this disease burst like a pustule on the scene. According to media, to call the foreign Wuhan coronavirus either foreign, Wuhan or Chinese is racist. So allow me to present this from MRC, a video montage of media calling the COVID-19 all the labels they’re now saying we can’t use.

What can I say except you’re welcome?

Just another casual reminder this isn’t a real crisis. I think some talking heads are now even saying the WuHu has been around for longer than we think, and it’s real possible some of us have already had it without knowing it. For example, I’ve been sick with the flu twice in the not so distant past, as in the past four or so months. One of those flus just wouldn’t let up, it hung on and kept hanging on for several weeks. Was it the muh-muh-my Shorona corona? I’ll never know.

Regardless, media playing the racism game is stupid, especially considering they started it. If the disease originated in China, then it’s a Chinese virus much in the same way we’d say a cup is made in China. Who cares?

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Which name do you prefer to call COVID-19, or have you come up with an original moniker? WuHuFlu? Kung Flu? Kung Pow Sicken? The world is your canvas. Create!


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