New York Attacks Samaritan Purse, People Threaten To Throw Out Group For Their Beliefs

In one of the most unfathomable chapters in this epidemic, we have New York City, a city sagging under the weight of their sick and dying, refusing to see this. Instead, the activist has taken to attacking the Samaritan Purse over daring to have Christian beliefs, all while putting their people at risk to treat the sick and dying.

New York progressive newspapers ran the news questioning having Samaritan Purse come to their city, ran articles stating:

It seems that in Blasville, evangelical Christians armed with tons of the sophisticated medical equipment so sorely lacking in the city right now, plus the expertise to use it, are presumptively suspect. And are perhaps to be expelled.

Thus it was with Samaritan’s Purse, the unapologetic fundamentalist rolling rescue squad perhaps best known for the Ebola clinics it established in West and Central Africa over the past decade.

What has triggered many in New York is that Samaritan Purse, founded by Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, had dared to stand on what he sees as traditionalist views on both homosexuality and same-sex marriage – these stances have triggered many in the activist left in New York, some are now demanding they either renounce their belief or leave.

When the group came and set up their tents, put their people at danger to treat the sick, this is what some said:

But this is what the progressive left had to say:

I find it amazing, the people who scream that someone dares to have a belief system different than theirs, they are hate mongers, yet Samaritan Purse has said that all are welcome, they did not care about your sexuality, political or religious belief, all were welcome to come and receive free healthcare, yet to people like Molly Crabapple, this is showing hate. Meanwhile, she had done nothing but run her mouth and attack others for daring to believe differently then she does.

What is worse, you have idiots that view what they are doing as terrorism:

One has to wonder; if you go to a mission, in New York, or elsewhere, most of these are run by Christian groups, part of what they demand to get access to attend a service, then they feed you, let you bathe, also give you a bed to sleep for the night. People like this far-left activist demand these people give, yet not ask anything of the people they are giving to.

I got in trouble on Twitter for telling one of them, “If you are sick, stay home, die for your belief, I would not care if a hospital is run by someone that I don’t agree with ideologically if I am getting free service, it would make sense that I may have to listen to their belief, or more shocking, have them pray over me.”

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