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NFL, You Have A Reprieve, Don’t Blow It

NFL, You Have A Reprieve, Don’t Blow It

NFL, You Have A Reprieve, Don’t Blow It

The players may not realize this, but they were given a reprieve from the reaction of fans, the owners very well know this, but for some reason we still see NFL players thinking they are the ones that hold the right to direct the narrative of their protests, they could not be more wrong.

As with anything in life, what you feel means little when dealing with the public, that is why great movies, millions of dollar pumped into them, excitement from actors, producers, and even sponsors flop, never even make their money back in return. The people watching the movie were not excited, they could not find within themselves the same enthusiasm that the producer and actors did, in the end, their feelings, emotions, and toil invested into this project meant nothing, it was the view or the fan’s reaction that meant everything. It is the same with football.

We had players angry, tell us fans we had no right to have an opinion, or even more stupidly, tell the fans that were white, they had no right to dictate their reaction to the protest because they were white. What did the fan get out of this? The player was a racist idiot; he is spewing racist garbage at them, calling them a racist while acting like one himself. In the end, it was not the players who dictated the success or the failure of the protest, it was the fan, they dictated if it was acceptable or not, and they rejected this dissent overwhelmingly.

Now you can argue if they were right or wrong, to be frank, that is immaterial. They are the ones that watch your game, they are the ones that pay for the tickets, pay for your jersey’s, they are the ones that while watching the game the companies reach out to, that is why they are willing to pay millions in advertising to the studio’s to put thirty second or 60 second advertising spots in the broadcast.

So what do you think they are going to pay if 1/2 the people are watching, what is the studio going to pay for broadcasting your game if they have 1/2 the people watching, so they can only charge 1/2 the money they used to for advertising? Do you think advertisers are going to pay stars the same type of money for half the viewers, and will you make as much off your jersey and other items you sell if 1/2 the people are buying them?

It seems the players don’t understand this, or they stupidly don’t care, so they try to lecture the fans, some have sworn and cussed out fans because they don’t understand why they don’t support them.

And why don’t they support them, to show what the fan sees as disrespect for the flag, they want nothing to do with it, it does not matter one little bit if you say you aren’t. Perception is the only thing that matters here, the fans do.

It does not matter if you say you are fighting for equality, the fans see this as disrespecting our fallen heroes, then men and women who gave all in the sacrifice for this country, race, color or demographics transcends all barriers, they are only seen as Americans.

They were the ones that wore a patch of the flag on their shoulder, fought for this great country of ours (the very one you are attacking), they died fighting for your right to protest, then when they lost their lives, their brothers and sisters watched heartbroken as they were taken away covered by this flag you are disrespecting. They wept for them as the planes took their remains home to their loved ones, covered in what you are so quick to disrespect.

When they were home, and widows and mothers fell on the casket and wept, crying over the flag of the nation that honored them, the flag did not care what color or race, for that matter what faith or what type of sexuality they engaged in, they were all equally honored. The family upon watching their loved ones put in the ground for eternal rest, they were handed a flag.  This is what you are disrespecting.

Over the week I heard stories of strikes, that would be the stupidest thing you could do, you could destroy the game you play, the one that is paying you millions to play. If you destroy this game, can you tell me where you are going to get a job? Without the  NFL there is no need for your skills.

I can tell you; you will be paid maybe $15 an hour because you have a strong back and would make a great stock boy, and that is if you pass the background check, considering almost 1/2 of the NFL players have criminal records of one sort or another.

You have a reprieve, suggest you take it, figure out a way to protest outside of the game, you know the one you as an employee are paid millions to play. I promise, any other job you did what you do with this protest, cause the business to lose money as the NFL has done over this protest, you would have been fired long ago. Businesses could care less about your perspective of justice; they only care about making money, you want to protest this, do so when you aren’t working, do it at work, you won’t have a job to do it at for long.




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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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