Pressure From Leftist Boycotts Is trying To Force Facebook To Censor Conservatives

Under mounting pressure from advertisers, Facebook said it would start labeling political speech that violates its rules. It also said it would move to take measures to prevent voter suppression and protect minorities from messages they may see as abusive.

This sounds grand, but is it?

This is a choreographed attack against free speech if you dare point out the violence coming from groups such as Black Lives Matter or Antifa, the powers behind this target you for daring to call out the muscle behind liberal control.

Under pressure, advertisers are pulling back, businesses like Unilever, European-based companies trying to manipulate free speech in the US. While the press and the left love to scream about Russia’s election interference, they seem to have no issue if it is directed against Trump from China or Europe.

Unilever, whose many household brands include Dove soap, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, and Lipton tea, is joining other businesses that are trying to move to prevent conservative messages from getting out of this election. Others, like Arc’teryx, Ben & Jerry’s, Beam Suntory, Coca-Cola, Dashlane, Eddie Bauer, Eileen Fisher, Hershey’s, Honda, JanSport, Levi Strauss, Magnolia Pictures, Patagonia, The North Face, REI, Starbucks, Upwork, Unilever, and Verizon are all boycotting advertising, demanding that “hate” speech be curtailed, but make no mistake, they are pushing for conservative thought to be squashed.

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We have a concerted effort by the left and the businesses that support them to cut off any chance that Trump can pull off an upset as he did in 2016.

We see in addition to this, in the name of stopping hate speech sites like Twitter are flagging Trump’s speech, if you dare to attack Black Lives Matter or groups like Antifa, they will either flag or censor you.

Tweets like this, you have to click past their label to see the tweet, Twitter knows that many will not bother, so they censor by making tweets more challenging to access.

To justify their attack against Trump, businesses are using the fighting hate speech platform, but make no mistake; this is about removing Trump from office. To justify their stance, you have companies saying stuff like this:

“Based on the current polarization and the election that we are having in the U.S., there needs to be much more enforcement in the area of hate speech,” Luis Di Como, Unilever’s executive vice president of global media, said.

“Continuing to advertise on these platforms would not add value to people and society,” Unilever said. The ban also will cover Instagram.

Coca-Cola Co. went further than most advertisers, announcing that it was pausing its global ad spending on all social media platforms for at least 30 days–including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snap Inc.

“There is no place for racism in the world, and there is no place for racism on social media,” Coca-Cola Chief Executive James Quincey said.

So here is the question, by what standard do they judge racism? We know the traditional definition, to judge people as inferior or superior by the color of their skin, religion, or ethnicity. But this is tossed out the door with the left, for they are racially judging a whole group of people by the color of their skin, saying they are given “privilege” due to racial qualities.

Today, racism is defined by people who are unwilling to go along with the goals and ideology the leaders on the left demand. If you say that Black Lives Matter is racist, who is a violent group who only cares when Whites kill Blacks, otherwise they say nothing, this is deeply offensive to the left, for it dares to point out the truth. This type of thinking is deemed racist, not because it is false; they know it is the truth, it is not convenient to their narrative.

So who is leading this? Groups like Anti-Defamation League and NAACP called for a boycott after seeing what they claimed was hate speech. But was what they were complaining of hate speech, or is this a case of being oversensitive?

The Anti-Defamation League was offended when they found a Trump commercial showing a triangle, said they found it offensive because the Fascist used this, the NAACP said they found anyone daring to call out Black Lives Matter as racist, so they started demanding Facebook censor what they saw as hate speech or they would boycott advertising.

Here is the issue, while I understand that the Swastika is offensive, at least when it is displayed as the Fascist did in their flag, the fascist used math, the same letters we did, read some of the same books, is everything an evil empire has done now wrong for us to use? I have run into the same problem with the BDS crowd, have told them, if you are going to boycott, why are you using your cell phones, your computer and a host of other tech, much of this was either discovered or perfected in Israel, why are you making half measures with your boycott.

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It is the same with the people screaming everything represents something that has a racist nature; I ask them if they are committed to this boycott if they say yes I tell them they need to give me all their bills with Franklin on it or any other founder. While they are at it, they should hand over every bill with Jackson, Hamilton, Washington, and Jefferson.

Since they are so offended by Grant, hand over the $50 bill, I am more than happy to aid in their boycott and may want to pass the Lincolns too, goodness knows we don’t want them to be offended.

I had a couple of people get offended at me, when I told them to pull out their change, I know there are racist people in there, hand it over.

Do you see where this problem is headed to? Are we going to erase our history to make sure people are not offended?

People have one quality we can all count on; we are all flawed. Our founding fathers were no different, they had many personal issues, and deeply held beliefs that would not be acceptable today, yet despite this set up a constitution that was a light to the nations. Was the Constitution flawed? It was at first, but we corrected the problems within it. We had slavery, which the country rose to fight over and against, we are unique in that we are the only nation in the world that went to war with itself to end this dreadful and vile practice.

We changed our Constitution to give equality to all, even though people are claiming such a thing is not present, it is, they refuse to acknowledge it. We continue to change, but the principles the founders documented is now available to all. It took time, but the result is greatness that many are currently trying to be part of.

I have no issue if someone is offended by Statues, find them racist, but to take the law into your own hands, that I have a massive problem with. If you wish to remove these, petition the government, go to the government, bring like-minded people, and start pushing for change. When we take the law in our own hands, it does nothing but leads to chaos and anarchy.

The same with the riots, which achieve nothing other than reinforcing negative stereotypes that already exist, driving people who were not racist into the real racist arms. To say you’re looting, burning, attacking and shooting people, this will somehow force the people you see as racist, that this will change their mind, one could not be more mistaken, it reinforces the belief that may not have been there before, you are ensuring it is there now.

We need to learn to talk, debate, but throwing fits over symbols, we can find everyone is going to be offended over something, soon we are left with nothing we can display, say, or use.

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