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Prominent Dem Senator’s Staffer Calls for the ‘Complete Destruction of White Men’

Prominent Dem Senator’s Staffer Calls for the ‘Complete Destruction of White Men’

In two very different parts of the country, two very different primaries have intersected in the most unusual of ways.

In Massachusetts, ossified liberal Sen. Edward Markey is fighting off a Democratic primary challenge from Rep. Joe Kennedy III.

As notes, the race is between Markey’s experience and establishment cred against Kennedy’s promise to fight for a progressive agenda in Washington and, oh yes, did he mention he’s one of those Kennedys? Because in case you hadn’t guessed, this being Massachusetts, yes, yes he is.

Markey is ahead in three recent polls, two by double digits, according to the Boston Herald. The race still isn’t over yet, with voters going to the polls next Tuesday — but it doesn’t look good for Kennedy, who’s complained about Markey’s increasingly negative tone.

Half a continent away, 19-year-old Aaron Coleman won the Democratic nomination for a Kansas state legislature seat earlier this month. Coleman, a progressive candidate, was quickly revealed to have been a school bully who spread revenge porn featuring a 13-year-old girl, according to the Kansas City Star.

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“I made serious mistakes in middle school and I deeply regret and apologize for them. I’ve grown up a great deal since then,” Coleman said in a statement.

However, he didn’t grow up enough to tell a Republican during the campaign that he would “laugh and giggle when you get COVID and die.”

Obviously, there was plenty of outrage over Coleman, especially from Democrats. One of those outraged was a Markey campaign staffer.

Now, there were plenty of acceptable takes on this sort of thing that he could have had. One of them wasn’t the “utter and complete destruction” of an entire race and gender because of one degenerate, the way Abhi Agarwal did.

The controversy came from Agarwal retweeting Coleman’s decision to re-enter the race on Tuesday after briefly withdrawing. Coleman said he was a “flawed individual who has made mistakes” but that voters “do not throw out a 7-term incumbent for a person like myself unless they are deeply frustrated with their lack of representation and demanding a change.”

There are plenty of takeaways one can have from this, none of them good. However, Agarwal may have had the worst of all: using this individual’s problems to call for the “destruction of white men.”

“I am once again asking for the utter and complete destruction of white men,” Agarwal said in the tweet.

“Has Abhi ever met his boss?” Shant Mesrobian, a podcaster, wondered.

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The tweet has since been deleted, as has Agarwal’s Twitter account. According to The Washington Free Beacon, Agarwal was a member of Markey’s digital campaign staff.

I don’t think anyone is going to go out and defend Coleman — who, at the very least, probably should have put a lot of distance between his awful behavior and a political run.

However, using him as an example to call “for the utter and complete destruction of white men” is a different story.

Again, Agarwal’s boss is a very old, very white man. If Agarwal doesn’t like white men because of the damage they’ve wrought upon the world, man, he’s in for a shock when he realizes that Markey is about as establishment politician as it gets.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Kansas Democrats have taken action against Coleman. The New York Times reported that “Democratic leaders feared his behavior would hurt the party’s chances in other competitive elections” and the incumbent he defeated in the midterms was prepared to run against him in the general election as a write-in.

In other words, there was no particular reason to attack white men here. But we have a Democrat who was willing to do it anyway because, well, it was a good opportunity to use it to express racial animus.

My assumption is that Coleman won’t have a seat in the Kansas state legislature and Agarwal won’t have a job. It’ll be a fitting ending to a sordid and stupid controversy.

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