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False God? Sanders Followers Compare Him to Jesus

False God? Sanders Followers Compare Him to Jesus

As if things have not gotten stupid enough, now we have liberals comparing Bernie Sanders to Jesus. I at first thought this was a joke, then started going over the post, could not believe the idiocy I saw there, but then they are liberals, guess I should not have been overcome with surprise.

I see stuff like this and have to wonder, is this how cults are started, someone as ignorant as this is willing actually to believe this stuff?

She did not stop here; she went on to explain herself further:

If this were the only case of this, that would be one thing, but look at the replies to this comment she has a whole group of people saying how right she is:

What amazes me is it is these very people that accuse people who support Trump of being part of a cult. Yet I have never heard a Trump supporter say Trump is the Messiah, surely not compare him to Jesus, yet the very people that are accusing us of doing this are claiming that Sanders is like unto a god.

I, and anyone else that supports what Trump is doing because they agree with what he has called for: to secure our borders, clean out corruption in Washington, stopped being used by other nations, and stop making bad deals.

But do any of us think Trump is divine? Of course not, he is a very flawed individual, is crass, quick to attack, not willing to take any nonsense from others, but you know what? That quality, in many cases, endures him to us; we are not looking for perfection. We wanted someone willing to roll up his sleeves and fight for us.

After years of enduring dressing down from Obama, acting like he was morally superior to the rest of us, we finally had someone who instead of acting like he was more pious than the rest of us, was willing to get into the trenches and fight, many times we just watched because he was fun to watch, kind of like watching a wrecking ball let loose in a china shop.

This is not the first time we have seen something like this, not from Sanders or his followers, but the DNC side of things. It was the Democrats who accused Trump and all of his supporters of not accepting the elections; then, they did exactly what they accused us of. They sent this nation into a three-year spin as they tried to do everything they could to undo the 2016 election, many on the left still claim that Trump is an illegitimate president.

The talking heads on the news warned everyone that if Trump did not win, his followers would become violent, yet it is they who did this. We don’t have groups like Antifa attacking other groups, surely don’t have our children in colleges riot and try to use the hecklers veto to attack speakers or viewpoints they don’t agree with, but the left does this daily.

Now they accuse us of being a cult, looking at Trump as a cult figure, but we don’t, we just like the way he fights for us. But the Democrats are now seeing some of the Bernie followers comparing him to a Messiah, a Jewish carpenter coming to save all of us, once more we see what we are being accused of the left is doing themselves.

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