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Sanders – Socialist Revolutionary Who Wants To Be President

Sanders – Socialist Revolutionary Who Wants To Be President

Bernie Sanders, the love of many on the far left, it looks more and more like this is the direction the party is headed, as they head more towards the extreme left we see the cracks starting to appear in this chances to win the election this fall.

Who is Bernie, why is he so loved by the left?

Sanders makes no qualms about admitting he is a socialist, has pushed this his whole political life.

In his early life, while attending the University of Chicago Bernie joined the Young People’s Socialist League, this was the youth chapter of the Socialist Party of America, a group that was receiving funding and support from the former Soviet Union.

The socialist at the time when Sanders went to college in the 1960s, knew the best way to get a toe hold into America was to access the civil rights protests, so Sanders, being a good Socialist did what he could to aid in this. While he can say that he did have a hand in bringing equality, it was never so much for the sake of equality, more for the case of bringing more recruits into the socialist fold.

In the ’70s, Sanders moved from civil rights to anti-war protests, maybe why he and Kerry got along so well. Rather than support our troops, he chose, like many liberals at that time, to attack them, blame them for the policies of our leaders.

Sanders, like many, was drafted into the military, he fought this draft by claiming conscientious objector, continued to fight this until he was too old to be drafted any longer. This I find most interesting, it is his followers that are so vocal about Trump getting a deferment to go to college, but Sanders fought in court until he didn’t have to serve. Can we say double standards?

He then joined the people’s party, which was a loose coalition of different parties that had one thing in common; it was anti-war, anti-establishment, mostly socialist. The first thing this party did was try to go into Fort Dix, demand a right to protest on base, and hand out literature to the soldiers there, something its commanding general turned down. This ended up in the Supreme Court with the case being thrown out (Greer v. Spock).

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As Mayor

He went on to become a mayor in Burlington, Vermont, won due to support from unions and other activist groups, won the first election by just ten votes, ended up running and winning another term, served as mayor for eight years.

Running for Congress

He won his congressional seat in 1990, set up the Congressional Progressive Caucus, today it seems to have most of the DNC as its members, but at the time was seen as more towards the extreme left.

Winning a seat in the Senate

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Sanders went on to run for the Senate in 2006, the man who spoke out the most against wasteful spending, how big banks and corporations ran everything ended up spending more money than had ever been done in a Senate race to that time. And who did he take the money from? Banks and corporations.

He has cried continuously out against millionaires and billionaires, then a couple of years ago switched to condemning just billionaires, why the switch? It turns out Sanders himself was a millionaire.

One should not be surprised by this. He, after all, did honeymoon in the USSR, where the poor lived in shacks, the rich in their datcha’s. Seems Sanders, like the Soviet elites, felt he was entitled to this type of life, what he railed against did not apply to himself.

Sanders has pushed the same far-left nonsense that we have seen from others in Europe, a doctrine that left Greece and other nations in ruin, but they swear this time it will be different if we only gave them a chance.

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Sanders for President

While he seems to have drawn much of the youth, the idea of free tuition, free guaranteed wages, higher minimum wages, and the taxes he wants to raise doesn’t bother a college student, they aren’t earning much or anything at all, so this is more abstract to them.

But the middle of this country, the independents, or the swing voters, Sanders holds little appeal to them, might be why even Obama himself warned of putting someone like Sanders or Warren on the ticket will give Trump another four years.

While Sanders is appealing to the radical kids in college, he is not to the working man and women that has gone on and has had to earn a living. His socialist ideas will turn off many, a Sanders, or better yet, a Sanders/Warren ticket would doom the Democrats, give Trump another four years, and may find reactions to such a ticket would end up with the Democrats losing the house in a landslide and the Senate republicans picking up far more seats than they possess now.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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