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Tax Bill – Trump Wins, Democrats Pouting and Angry

Tax Bill – Trump Wins, Democrats Pouting and Angry

In a great victory for President Trump, his Tax Bill is now in the process of going through procedure and then being passed to his desk to sign into law before Christmas this week. His supporters could not be happier, and as predictable as ever the left is outraged once more.

We have all heard the woeful cries from the democrats; kids will die, abortions will cease, our economy will fail, the elderly will be the ones that suffer, but after hearing the same outcry time after time, we are finally starting to tire of this. Each time they cry out in alarm, nothing happens, in fact lately just the opposite happens, things actually get better.

When Trump was elected we all heard that the stock market would crash in response, it has since then set too many records to count. We were told our unemployment figures would go up because of reaction to his election, today we are at the best figures we have had in over 17 years. They said economic growth would halt, our bubble would burst, yet the day Obama left office in response the economy took off and has never looked back .

As usual, they do nothing but obstruct, they could care less about the people they represent, you have Chuck Schumer crying huge crocodile tears, the poor old ladies in wheelchairs will for sure be pushed off the cliff by those terrible conservatives, AND TRUMP DOESN’T CARE! WAH, WAH, WAH.

Once more the DNC, the party that has so lost their way, they can’t even produce a bill to be looked at, they have nothing left but to obstruct, the liberal press is just too happy to oblige them, sad looking orphans and the elderly, most likely all actors are paraded in front of the camera. Sad faces on the newscaster’s speak in hushed voices over how the United States is quickly escalating into a fascist state, pan to Obama, he is shown as the alternative that we could have had if only we had not allowed the Russians to steal the election, and there you for the most part have the left’s game plan.

We have a tax plan, was it perfect? No, nothing is, you have men, not the almighty, imperfection trying to create a workable bill that will benefit the American people.

So who will benefit, the ones who are covering the majority of the taxes for this country, businesses, both large and small and the middle class.

When you run a business, you don’t know what the future holds, you are better off holding on your currency brought in then risk investing it and lose out in the future to higher taxes. With a drop in the penalty for bringing money back to the US, you will find repatriation of funds coming back here, that is a great thing for our economy, money will come in, businesses will expand, wages will go up and more people will have jobs.

We also are looking at about $1,800 turn around of cash going out to taxes to finally coming back in for the Middle Class ($800 more in refunds and $900 savings in tax paid in), this money will give more spending power to the Middle Class, thus putting this money back into our economy.

So who will find themselves hurt by this? California, New York, Pennsylvania, states that due to their overreach with social programs have some of the highest state taxes in the nation. Personally I have a hard time feeling sympathy for these people, when you vote in liberal politicians who are too happy to redistribute the wealth, you face excessive state taxes, you get what you vote for. The people made their choices continuing to vote in politicians who want to dole out money like it is candy, well now the bill is coming due, these states will either change or may find a exodus of their middle class, a great thing for other states.

Once more we see that the left has refused to cast one vote for this tax bill, this is not such a terrible thing, if the GOP wants to push this, then let them own it. But what most likely will happen is the left will say if the economy grows as I think it will, gaining to 4 or 5% sustained growth, they will try to take credit that it was due to Obama’s policies; this could not be further from the truth.

And this last leaves us with what needs to be done. If the economy tanks, the GOP will suffer, it is as it should be, they are taking a risk, rolling the dice that this will cause our economy to grow, possibly at record numbers. If they succeed as we all hope they will, then we need to focus on that, in the elections next year and the three years from now, we need to take to the streets, make everyone remember that the democrats refused to give one vote to this bill, make they own the fact that they obstructed this, then make them pay at the polls.

For too long the GOP has played nice, did not confront lies, have not said anything when the left blamed them when their own bills that fail, then did nothing when the DNC jumps on what succeeds and acts like they had a hand in it. Once more they did nothing, they did not even cast one vote, so now they will own that fact in the same way they will own Obamacare as it fails next year with rapidly rising prices, we will see more states losing coverage as carriers pull out 100%, the ones left will be passing on even greater increases to the people.

Exposing the Liberal Left

For the last 60 years the left aggressively tried to rewrite their history. Claim that they who were once the party of racist, the party of the South, pro-slavery in the 1800’s, segregation and the KKK in the 1900’s, they claim they have suddenly and magically changed, that is just rubbish. They have never changed, they changed their robes for marching with Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the only thing that changed was they changed their hate from blacks to the whites with this silly “White Privilege nonsense”.

Their hatred for the Jews has never changed, in spite of blind liberal Jews being part of them, they stand by and say nothing while they support BDS, Hezbollah and attack Israel. What is worse, many of the liberal Jews are willing to sell out their soul and the nation of their fathers all for the sake of progressive ideology, I sadly believe they would sell out Israel to the trash heap of history if they could force progressive policies on the rest of the world.

Left moves from Disbelief to Criminal Acts

Once more a maverick of a president, one that refuses to adhere to the traditional ways of doing things is getting things done at a record pace, this has the liberal left scrambling in fear. The only thing that scares them worse then having to deal with the next three years of him in the Oval Office is having to deal with four more after this.

We have seen them go to the extent of calling for other nations to aid in exposing him to throw him out of office:

We have Rosie O’Donnell, offering to pay $2,000,000 to vote against the tax bill:

Then went a step further:

This further begs the question, if you have Keith Olbermann basically calling for a overthrow of a sitting president, this is classified as sedition, and O’Donnell offering publically to bribe a sitting US senator, and not just one but two, where is Jeff Sessions? I wrote on this the other day, I hear this traitorous nonsense, yet nothing gets done. We need to ask AG Sessions, are they given a pass because like Hillary they seem to have a different set of laws applied to them that the rest of us don’t enjoy? As I wrote the other day with “Jeff Sessions, Do Your Job or Let Someone Else Do It“, if you aren’t going to do your job, then step aside and bring in someone that will.

To you that are looking to give this Holiday Season, we ask that you look to us. Our stance in supporting conservatism, refusing to cave into Islamic pressure, daring to share what is true, even if it is not politically correct has brought us under tens of thousands of attacks. We have lost three computers due to hacking, they shut down the computers by changed bios, this either shuts down or destroyed the computers, have erased hard drives, and tried to use access denial tactics to shut down our service. We have had threats directed at us, not that this would ever stop us, the truth is the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel. If you believe as we do, and wish to have continue to have a voice that is willing to do this, we ask that you remember us this holiday season. ng.

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