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The Tables May Be Turning

The Tables May Be Turning

Turns out what could be a break in the case of the special investigator, we have a witness that showed up at FOX yesterday in reaction to an airing the night before of the Special Counsel’s investigation into Paul Manafort, the investigation while it was set up to first look into Trump’s possible collusion with Russia, it quickly expanded to look into his subordinates, it looks like it may be off on a whole new direction. The tables may be turning, what was intended to unseat a legitimately elected president, instead is now focusing on the very people that put it in place.

The new direction of the Special Counsel is headed in could very well be away from Trump and into Manafort’s dealing with Hillary’s campaign director John Podesta and the Podesta group, Clinton and the Obama Administration, it turns out they were working as a front group for the Russians in their Uranium One deal, and even after that as a representative for the Russians to the Clinton’s.

Added to this the fact that it has now been released that it was the DNC and the Clinton campaign that paid for the bogus Russian Dossier on Trump, the very thing they were screaming about earlier and wagging fingers at Trump’s son for daring to find out if the Russians had any dirt on Clinton, sounds like they should have taken a close look at their hand, as my father used to say, if you point a finger at someone else, be careful, there are always three pointing right back at you.

I wrote yesterday I wanted to see this expanded, if you are going to look for Russian Collusion, the mandate given to the special prosecutor did not stop at Trump or associates, he was told to look for all Russian collusion, and this is where the whole thing could backfire on the Democrats, if they find out he has in his investigation uncovered a massive collusion between the DNC, leaders within the party and the Russians, the DNC could ultimately be the ones that suffer the most from this.

What do we know so far?

Secret witness are great, but they show nothing that will stand up in any court of law, you must put evidence together. If you can link the items told by a informant, you then would have a credible witness, but are we at this point yet? I think anyone that has ever reported the news, dealt with legal issues will tell you we are far from this, and as far as the information the special counsel has, this would be held close to the vest, would not be wise at this point to release this data yet. So, what do we know at this time?
We know the Podesta group has been exposed that they did extensive work with the Russians and Ukrainians prior to working with Clinton’s campaign, we also know that Paul Manafort did work with them in representing the Russians, we also know at this point there were at least 32 meetings between Manafort and the Pedesa group representing the Russians and Ukrainians. We also know that the Podesta Group was representing a Ukrainian nonprofit, the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, they were lobbying capital hill on behalf of the Ukrainians. In addition to its undisclosed contacts with the State Department, the Podesta Group did not disclose some contacts it had between 2012 and 2014 with Vice President Joe Biden’s office, the National Security Council and Congressional offices, the records show . I think the most startling thing this shows  is the absolute terrible reporting the New York Times and the rest of the leftist leaning media has done in not connecting these dots, they were so intent on seeing Trump blamed, spent thousands of hours broadcasting this nonsense, have investigative teams digging into Trump they and the rest of the news missed this piece that should have quickly been picked up. It is a real testament to how the press has ignored their basic duty in their feeding frenzy to try to destroy the Trump presidency.

As for the Special Counsel, this may not be a mere setback for the media and the Democrats, it will destroy them and their reputation worse than it already is, we could be looking at a meltdown not seen since the Nixon Watergate scandal, you already see many scrambling to distance themselves, but it’s hard when they have been riding on that train for the last year, screaming at the top of their lungs of collusion, in the end if we find out what the DNC was screaming the loudest of, and the press was putting the bullhorn in front of them, both could suffer greater than they are doing now. The worse part – the press wants to yell that Trump is destroying them, sorry, you did this all yourself, you chose to ignore anything that was not convenient to your narrative, instead of reporting unbiased, you became so biased you became afflicted with tunnel vision, when the press from the left does a death keel, there will be no one to blame but themselves, I would love to say they could back out, save themselves, but they like the captains of ships are so tied to their ideology they would most likely rather go down with the ship then admit they were wrong.

And what do we the American people get out of this? A party we don’t trust, we found out what they have been screaming the loudest about, corruption and collusion, they were the ones most guilty of this. Reminds me of relationships we have all heard about, the other person in the relationship screams the other partner is unfaithful, they accuse, attack, and continue to show mistrust, finally they are the ones caught acting in such a manner; and why were they this way? They were fearful the other one was acting in a manner like they were. The press is the same way, so is the DNC at this point, we have seen this with both parties, they come in with great ideology, come with a fire to change things as we know them, then the absolute corruption of power comes in, as the corruption is exposed you see the party crumble and exposed, the democrats will rise back out of this, hopefully a group not in tune with the elites, but hopefully a party that it once was, a party more interested in representing the workers, the common person, the down trodden, they are faced, or more accurately could very soon be faced with two choices, go down with the ship, or admit to the fact they were headed in the wrong direction, make sweeping changes and move forward as they work to regain trust lost.



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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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