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They Calculated the Cost of the Black Lives Matter Riots. It’s in the BILLIONS …

They Calculated the Cost of the Black Lives Matter Riots. It’s in the BILLIONS …

Leftists seem to be going with the talking point that the Black Lives Matter/Defund the Police/Antifa/Harris-Biden campaign rallies are 93% peaceful. The “study” was probably conducted by the same people who said that the tea party was zero percent violent, but “we’re going to say it was eleventy hundred percent violent anyway.” As if people can’t watch with their own eyes the fires burning behind the same people telling us things are mostly peaceful.

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Well, here’s a talking point to counter. Those mostly peaceful protests? They caused mostly billions of dollars’ worth of damage.

Insurance companies could pay up to $2 billion in claims stemming from riots sparked by the police killing of George Floyd — making them the most expensive in US history, a new report says.

The record-setting insured losses piled up as the demonstrations sometimes descended into looting, arson and vandalism in 20 states across the country from May 26 to June 8, [according to] figures from the Insurance Information Institute.

Oh, I’m sorry. I read that wrong. This is only up until June 8. We’re now on September 16, which is three months later. So it’s probably much more than two billion dollars. Two billion dollars’ worth of people’s livelihoods destroyed, all in the name of “social” “justice.” There is nothing mostly peaceful about that. It’s not even barely peaceful.

Remind me again, whose supporters are responsible for all that damage? Because I haven’t seen a lot of MAGA hats in the riot coverage. Though I did see a lot of burning flags, which lately is the official flag of the Democratic Party.

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