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Thoughts Are News? How The News Is Destroying Themselves

Thoughts Are News? How The News Is Destroying Themselves

As we all know, much of our life is caught up with thoughts; we think good thoughts, evil thoughts, wise ones, and sometimes just downright stupid ones. But are these the indicator of actions? Should someone be held guilty by what they ruminated over or mentioned as they were thinking out loud? It turns out the Progressive Press sure thinks so, why they are too happy to ignore such things if it comes from a progressive, they hear a rumor and poof, you hear howls of guilt against Tump.

So where is this coming from? It turns out there was a report that Trump back in June thought about firing Mueller, now this was never actually proven, prefer you have a story that four people came forward and said they heard of this from someone else. This is now what the NY Times considers as fine reporting, no checking to see if it is real, rather they heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another (isn’t there a song that goes like this?), fact checking is out the door, if you hear a rumor then it is reported as fact. 


Used to be such news would be ignored in the report, it is called hearsay, but the press today is so starved for news that confirms their narrative, they are willing to keep going with their so-called Collusion theory, they are willing at this point to grasp at anything. In this New York Times was not alone when other press outlets saw this they ran with it as well; from CNN, 5 things Trump’s attempted firing of Robert Mueller teaches us, from Fortune, “If Donald Trump Orders Robert Mueller Fired, Here’s What Might Happen,” not wishing to be left out Washington Post one ran, “Trump said he hadn’t Given Any thought to Firing Mueller Two months After He Tried to Do So,” then not wanting to be outdone you had CNBC run the article. “Democrats lash out at Trump for reported attempt to fire Mueller – but Republicans back the president,” thus started the descent into madness as each tried to outdo each other, and where did this news come from? Turns out New York Times who heard it from someone who heard it from another, who said they overheard it. 

Thus as we have seen time after time a fake narrative was running because of rumor. You had last summer  CNN run story on alleged ties between a Trump associate and a Russian investment fund that was later retracted, and people were forced to resign, then The New York Times and The Associated Press ran similar corrections acknowledging that reports on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election had overstated, by more than a dozen, the number of U.S. intelligence agencies that had signed off on the assessment. The AP ran into more trouble over the weekend after it ran a story about how Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt met privately with the CEO of a top chemical company, then decided to drop a ban on a widely used pesticide that has been shown to harm children’s brains, they had to retract this story when they found out their rumor mill had no truth to it. 

Boyle was the first to call into question a CNN report alleging that Trump associate Anthony Scaramucci was under investigation for improper dealings with a Russian state bank, and on and on, we see a pattern, this is not reporting on news that has been verified, the press from the left has forgotten what it means to check their stories, so they run the story on their front page, then go to page 20 and they have a retraction, but the damage is already done.  And let’s not forget the Stock Market dive because of ABC’s fake story about Flynn saying he was going to testify against Trump over collusion while campaigning, it was later found out to be a lie, but not before costing millions to people in stocks. 

As we have seen time after time the idea of checking a story, making sure you have sources is something that should not run until you have some confirmation, and if you do make a mistake, you should be quick to publically expose this, this allows people who follow your stories to know you are only human, but due to integrity are happy to quickly share with them if you made a mistake and went to correct it.

Thanks to you all I have experienced a fantastic growth, we are where we projected we would be a year from now due to you, and for that I thank you, but being that we do write opinions on the news I have had many emails and ask if I could write a story on one thing or another they have heard. I will always try to get to what they ask, I realize without you I would have no reason to write these articles, but also will not run a story unless I can get multiple sources, track each back to their sources, see where they are getting the information from, if it is rumor that was heard from someone who heard it from another I will not run it. Further, I will not do what NY Times and others seem so quick to do, say they have secret sources, then refuse to answer where the source is coming from. Further, while sometimes I may not write on something until the next day, I would rather wait and confirm then write at the time and later have to retract because my sources were either lying or made up. 

Sadly the press today is trusted less then Congress is, and there is a good reason, while Congress may be guilty of doing nothing, well maybe more the Senate, the news has no problem about running a fake story so long as it bashes on Trump. I make no effort to hide my disgust with the last administration, and if I were doing this then, I would still have demanded the same thing, but even then the press was doing the same thing, but in the opposite, they would not run stories that painted in any way Obama in a bad light, would not report on something that Clinton did or said if it pointed unfavorable towards here, they are so far into the hip pocket of the left one can’t see the difference any longer between them and the DNC press officer.

The press has brought this on themselves, when I look at MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, Newsweek, CBS and ABC I see nothing but the walking dead, they have destroyed their credibility until they are no longer trusted, and when people lose that trust, which polls have shown overwhelmingly they have, they will only look to a site to confirm their already pre-formed ideas, but if they are looking for facts they will ignore these sites. How sad, places like CNN, which used to be the tower of credibility, during the Gulf wars we all turned to them, now we see them not much different than National Inquirer or the Onion. 

Today we see attacks because someone heard from another who overheard someone say that Trump thought about firing Mueller in June, this is later, in January, over 6 months later reported as breaking news, one has to ask, what is going to be reported on next, what a mind reader says they heard Trump thinking about? And this is credible news?

The demise of the press is not Trump’s fault; it is the press themselves. If the traditional media, the big three (ABC, CBS, and NBC) along with the latecomer CNN do shrink down until they are just a shadow of what they once were, they will cast about to blame everyone but themselves for their demise, but it was their lack of credibility, their open collusion with the left that brought this about. Sites that openly let you know where their allegiance stands will do better than these organizations that claim unbias reporting but do just the opposite.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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