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Two Mass Shootings, What We Know, What We Don’t

Two Mass Shootings, What We Know, What We Don’t

In what should have been a good weekend across the nation, was instead shattered by multiple mass shootings. In one, that took place in Walmart in El Paso, Texas, left 20 dead and 18 injured. In another that took place in Dayton, Ohio, another 9 where left dead, and 16 injured.

So what do we know at this time? We have heard the yells that this was the gun’s fault, presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke blamed ‘racist’ Trump for inflaming hatred, some are now yelling that it was due to lack of gun control, the guns are to blame, but the question still remains, who were the people behind these atrocious killings?

El Paso

Twenty people were killed and dozens more injured on Saturday morning in a massacre at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart that was packed with back-to-school shoppers, making it one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history, officials said.

The wounded ranged in age from a 2-year-old child to an 82-year-old victim.

The suspect was identified by authorities as Patrick Crusius, 21, of Allen, Texas.

What we have found out so far is Patrick Crusius was a loner, seemed to have little or no political bias one way or the other, had a affinity to snakes and other animals, but was not communicative with anyone.

There is a claim by Los Angeles Times that his Twitter account that appeared to belong to Crusius was shut down Saturday evening. Tweets on the account had praised President Trump and, in particular, his effort to build a wall along the U.S- Mexico border. But at this point nothing has been shown, further, we have heard this about the Gilroy Garlic Festival killer, later to find out he was an ardent socialist that hated Trump with a passion.

Two mass shootings yesterday, soon presidential candidates lined up to blame Trump, guns, and everyone else, but what really happened, and is it too early to start pointing fingers?


At least 9 dead, 16 injured in mass shooting in downtown Dayton, Ohio: Police originally appeared on

In the second mass shooting in less than 14 hours, at least nine people are dead and more than a dozen wounded after someone opened fire in downtown Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday, according to police.

In addition, the suspected shooter was shot and killed by responding officers. Police said they are only aware of one shooter.

“Most of us can’t get to our cars because there are bodies scattered all over across the street from our cars,” an eyewitness told Dayton ABC affiliate WKEF. “People that were shot, hit, innocent people — we can’t get home to our families now, and those people aren’t going home to their families either.”

The Mayor did come out with this tweet.

This is the problem with trying to say one is affiliated with one political spectrum or another, at this time there is far too little information to go on, we at 0censor will not speculate but will wait for the facts to come in.

We have a time to find fault, right now it is more important to show support, then figure out what caused this, when we do, we will pass it on.

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