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Veterans Day, Insight From A Vet

Veterans Day, Insight From A Vet

On Veterans Day, many of you like me served in the military; it is something I bear no shame of. My country needed me and I felt it was my privilege to serve. This is something I learned from my father, even though he never served, and I have in turn passed this down to my son.

I grew up in a large family, out of 5 boys all of us served in the Army, Air
Force or Navy. I had six sisters and one of them served in the Air Force as well, something both our parents are very proud of.

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Sadly this is not a sentiment that is shared around the nation. The same people that attacked soldiers returning from Vietnam, screaming that they were baby killers, their children and grandchildren are now the ones attacking vets for showing pride in this nation, screaming that having a love for this nation is somehow based on racism.

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We see this generation putting on ski masks attacking people who dare to have a different point of view, and they call themselves Antifa. Others run around with woman’s private parts on their heads, thinking they are making a grand statement… I have thought about this long and hard and it is my opinion that they should start wearing men’s private parts on their heads as it seems this is more what they are acting like. I have no clue why anyone would do anything like this.

What is worse, I have run into people that scream our flag offends them and that the National Anthem should be silenced. They get offended when I tell them if it offends them that badly, get the #@$% out of this country and go someplace where it doesn’t (I am trying to keep this PG but can only do so much)! I find nothing but honor for these noble people and will continue to honor them on their day, Veterans Day.

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What we are seeing is the generation that looked up to Jane Fonda, educated their children to hate our ideas and dreams, and then these children raised the second and third generation to have nothing but hatred for this great country of ours, along with the people that love and defend it, and by the way, defend them as well.

These same people are the ones that hate our president and say that there is nothing to be proud of with this nation, claiming that somehow people today are responsible for slavery and all the evil in the world is the result of one race, whites.

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What is more surprising is these same people despise people who fought and died for this nation even though many came back with parts missing and others with part of their soul left on the battlefield. Yet they will fight to protect people who give their women no rights, have honor killings, and could care less about their freedoms.

Yet, not all is bad, there are those like you and me that love this nation, have been to other countries, seen what they were offering and how great we have it here. We did something novel today, we actually studied history, have knowledge of the battles, and lost lives to bring this to all of us.

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I remember one person screaming at me about the vileness of everything American in a store, (I have no problem talking about this great nation of ours anyplace I go), when I asked her why she was still here she started to scream demanding to know where she could go. I offered to pay half her ticket and informed her I didn’t care where she went, as long as she got her worthless butt out of here.

Today people don’t seem to realize the sacrifice many have made to give us the freedoms we have today, but instead, they think these are inherited, their right and it is the right of all humanity, how little they know.

I will honor the ones that served, and even more, the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice, but never will I give a shred of respect to these big babies in adult bodies. I have equal contempt for the ones that are running around disparaging everything this country stands for.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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