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Waiting For The First Shot In This Coming Civil War

Waiting For The First Shot In This Coming Civil War

As a young adult, one of the proudest moments was donning my uniform, standing at attention, and giving the oath to our nation that as a member of the military I would promise to protect and defend this nation from enemies outside or from within, our constitution and the president of this nation. When I left the military, and millions like me, we never were told our oath is dead, that we no longer were obligated to follow it, and as such, we now see one of the greatest dangers to this nation, sadly a push for a civil war is coming from within.

We have seen the left as they have lost power continue to become more and more violent, we now have their leadership yelling for civil disobedience, others are calling for outright violence on the street, we have to wonder, they demand we recognized when they won the election with Obama that elections have consequences, but now that it is their turn, they refuse to give what they demand.

With the likes of Clinton now telling her followers that the only thing we understand is violence and civil disobedience, how long until someone takes this a step further, starts firing off shots at our leaders? We hear almost daily of death threats against our president; now we even have the deranged idiots yelling for someone to take one for the team and kill a sitting Supreme Court Justice. One has to ask, where does this end?

And it does not stop here; you have others that are screaming now for the genocide of every white male:

This is the new face of the DNC, the party that did give us Johnson, Kennedy, Roosevelt, LBJ, and Truman now have turned to an unruly crowd more intent on lies and violence when it does not get its way. Instead of trying to change their message to meet the needs of the people, they are now advocating using force what they can’t achieve by vote.

Of course, this is the same Maxine waters that support’s Farrakhan and his anti-semitic rants, then the left, as you see with CNN try to justify that calls for violence is OK if the other side dares to call names. We have seen names called for years, the old saying came due to this, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me!”

Only the left seems to think they have the right to resort to violence and calls of violence to achieve what they want. What is worrisome, what is going to happen when this turns from calls of violence to actual violence? And what is happening now, the attacks by radical leftist on Conservatives have tolerated until now; now people are saying this is enough, we are going to fight back if you dare to attack us.

What worries me more is as the left sees their grip on this country be weakened, they start to resort to more violent words and actions, they feel they have the right to take by force what they think is theirs, rather than submit to the will of the people.

And here is a further point for the liberals, you gave up your guns, think that it is your right to have your children attack others, but what are you going to do when armed peaceful citizens have had enough, when your children move up the scale of escalation and the conservatives feel a need to unpack their guns? Are you going to cry that you then are the victims?

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We need to learn how to settle our differences with words, to debate, let the winning debate take the day. Instead, we have people that demand the right to be heard but refuse to give that same consideration back. They demand the right to silence speech by force, then cry that the side speaking is the violent one.

Where are we headed?

Our nation is at the brink of a full-scale civil war, the ones that are on top trying to push this, watch out, you may find yourself as the ones that suffer the most from this as people start to see you for what you are.

And you that think it is okay to do this sort of thing, I can tell you from experience when you start to see limbs and lives lost, there is no glory in war, violence, there is only loss and gore. It is always best to settle things by debate, but I can promise, many are willing to defend themselves and their idea’s if you try to use force to strip us of them.

So what dod we do? We stay vigilant, but we vote, we show the other side that change can come by vote, but if they decide they want to use force to change by violence, then let them know that this can be met with the same determination as we have faced all else. We wish for a peaceful means of continuing our republic, but we are willing to use force to defend it.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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