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Was Adolf Hitler far left or far right?

Was Adolf Hitler far left or far right?

Due to the qaunity of questions that were answered on Quora, and the amount of people that have accessed the answers, I thought it was best if I post the answers, where all can have access to them.

Quora has banned me numerous times, thought it best that I make sure my answers are available to all.

Was Adolf Hitler Far-Left or Far-Right?

He was both.

Hitler was a Socialist, fascism had socialist ties, but was very nationalistic, that is where the conflict with communism came in.

To claim Hitler was far right is a misstatement; Hitler believed in universal unions that were controlled by the state, this is very much what is in line with what the left today wants. He was also in favor of universal health care, state control over schooling with all private education outlawed, once more part of what the Left also stands for.

Like the Left today, he had street forces to try to put what he wanted into effect; in Germany, they had the Brownshirts. In Italy, they had the Blackshirts. In modern-day America, we have Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Let’s tear this down a little further, shall we?

In fascist Germany, they felt their strength came from demonizing people they felt were inferior to the master race, that would have been the Jews, Gypsies, anyone of Slavic birth. With the Left today, we hear the same thing, but the excuses are slightly different. Today the ones they are trying to raise are the Black Community; they feel that if these people assault police, shoot at them, assault people who disagree with them, any prosecution is unacceptable, one has to wonder, how are they any different then the Fascist that attacked, burned down synagogues and businesses of people they found inferior to them? Today we have “White Privilege” and other words to give excuses to this behavior, but it is no different then what the Fascist did.

I think the worst part is today, the left claims they are fighting fascists, but they are the ones acting like them. While some are claimed to be on the far-right, I think this classification is wrong; the KKK, White Supremacist, if you look at what they stand for with social issues, are far closer to the Left then the Right.

There is also the case of excusing racism. With the Right, if you bring up far-right racist, they universally condemn them. This does not matter to the left; they created a lie that Trump supported them. We have all heard the claim, “There were good people there from both sides,” this was from a speech made after the riots over tearing down confederate statues, but what is not shown is right before this, Trump condemned both the racist and Antifa, then went on to say that others came from both sides of the argument, to protect history and to erase it, they were protesting peacefully, he said there were good people from this group. The video is here:

PolitiFact – In Context: Donald Trump’s ‘very fine people on both sides’ remarks (transcript)

Here they have a fit because Trump said Robert E. Lee was a great general, which he was, fighting on the wrong side does not make you a terrible general. This is why even today, many look at Rommel as a great general, even though he was a general for Nazi Germany.

If you are going to comment, or more accurately attack, then shut off all debates or replies, I will delete your post.

How The Left Rewrote The History Of Fascism

There are many debates to the answers given, if you wish to see this, please click on the link below, you will see how the questions, or attempts to refute are answered.

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