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What Happened to the FBI?

What Happened to the FBI?

If only there was a word that combined “profoundly disappointing,” “despicable,” and “traitorous”

When a truly horrific crime occurs, like an RV blowing up in a major US city such as Nashville, the FBI is instantly on the case. In a few hours, they’ve rushed in and reviewed video footage, interviewed witnesses, and possibly identified a body. They’ve analyzed recordings of the fifteen-minute warning tape and interviewed scores of people in the area in the hours leading up to the bombing.


So what the hell is going on with the biggest crime in American history—the stealing of a Federal election? Evidence has been handed to the FBI on a silver platter; video footage of poll watchers being kicked out of counting stations and more footage of Democrats pulling out suitcases full of fake votes and counting the same stacks multiple times. Irrefutable evidence is staring them in the face; hundreds, if not thousands, of affidavits, describing all manner of voting fraud – fake ballots being unloaded from trucks in the dead of night inside garbage cans, paper bags, and cardboard boxes; the list goes on and on.

So why is the best crime-fighting organization in the world absolutely silent?

The FBI can investigate criminal conspiracies using wiretaps and sophisticated surveillance. They use financial analyses to ferret out crime syndicates and uncover terrorist organizations. They can analyze computer systems and data to solve the most complicated cases.

So why is the best crime-fighting organization in the world absolutely silent? If there are a few people in important positions in the FBI squashing investigations into the 2020 election, why haven’t the honorable men and women in the ranks spoken up to blow the whistle and save our country?

If the FBI can remain silent, it’s clear that what we thought was one of the most honorable institutions in the United States is nothing more than a corrupt tool of whomever is pulling the strings. The Department of Justice is not just at all, but a government institution that applies one set of laws for those in power and another for their opposition.

For the last four years we have seen selective prosecution—anyone who supports the rule of law and conservative values is investigated for the slightest infractions, while major crimes by government officials at the highest level are swept under the rug.


Are these people, who we thought were among the bravest and most honest of our civil servants, willing to sell out their country to the highest bidder, just to be allowed to climb the ranks to the next level?

If only there was a word that combined “profoundly disappointing,” “despicable,” and “traitorous.”

From Canada Free Press by Don Rosenberg

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