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Woman Exposes CNN as ‘Fake News,’ and the Reporter Doesn’t Even Notice

Woman Exposes CNN as ‘Fake News,’ and the Reporter Doesn’t Even Notice

This is petty and childish, and to be quite honest, I really don’t give a hootski, because it’s CNN. Up all their noses with rubber hoses. What I love best about this is what we don’t see. A group of gals are hanging out on the beach, catching rays and looking for guys to flirt with and to buy them drinks. One of them notices a CNN truck and a reporter doing a stand-up, most likely to report on Los Angeles’ horrible COVID outbreak and pretending the Black Lives Matter protests had nothing to do with it .

Just seeing CNN there is harshing one of these gals’ mellow. So she does what any patriot would do: put down the Truly’s, look for a yellow piece of paper and a Sharpie marker, write the words “fake news” on it, and ruin the reporter’s day.

Here’s my question. How soon after the non-socially-distanced, non-masked, non-following any COVID regulation riots and protests did CNN decide to put back the ‘Rona counter? Because I’m trying to decide what bothers me more: CNN thinking it can gaslight America by pretending we weren’t paying attention for the past few weeks, or the number of Americans letting themselves be gaslit. Hashtag something about masks.

Thank you, Beach Betty, for the laugh. Try not to spend too much time in the sun.

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